The Other XCOM Game Might Now Be A Third-Person Shooter

The Other XCOM Game Might Now Be A Third-Person Shooter

While everyone gets excited over Firaxis’ very-promising XCOM remake, it’s easy to forget that there was once another XCOM game on the cards from 2K. One we haven’t seen nor heard from for a very long time.

There may be a good reason for that. First seen by the public as a uniquely retro first-person shooter, these screenshots sent in by a Kotaku reader – part of what we’re told was a recent marketing survey — suggest the game has gone back to the drawing board, coming back as a third-person shooter.

While the 1960s setting and general XCOM prequel vibe remains, it’s now apparently being pitched as a squad-based game similar to SOCOM or Republic Commando, with the player in command of a team of agents, which you can order around the map to perform various actions.

The survey suggests the game is still in development at 2K Marin (it was originally being led by 2K’s Canberra team before all the delays), as it tells the user that “it is being developed by the same people who created BioShock 2“.

If that’s not interesting enough, the survey takers are also being told the game would be for PS3 and Xbox 360 (with no mention of PC), and are being asked how they’d feel if it was made available as a $US30 downloadable title, as opposed to a $US60 retail game.

All of which, if true, make it sound like 2K is set to pull an “I Am Alive”, cutting its losses on a troubled project and trying to make the best of a bad situation by selling it on the cheap.

Bear in mind though this is all unconfirmed. We’ve contacted 2K for comment, and will update if we hear back.





  • I just hope whatever iteration the game comes in that it’s good. I was one of the few who was actually excited by the gameplay I saw of the FPS from E3 a few years back.

    • You and both, man. I hope these are changes they’ve already had in mind, though, not just focus group reactions. I have faith, though. BioShock 2 was pretty damn good!

  • Bummer, I was keen as for the FPS version of this. (even if I’ll get flamed for saying so), and I don’t really care about the Fireaxis remake.

  • That explains why the recent XCOM demo was totally different to the previews I’d seen (incidentally, not a bad demo). Keen to see what else comes out of the XCOM universe because I have plenty of fond memories… as long as one of these games maintains the research results showing the dissected aliens etc I’ll be happy 🙂

  • You could assume that its due to a serious shift in priority at 2K whilst scrambling to complete Bioshock Infinite as soon as possible. It’s a pity, I really liked the look of the FPS version’s progress.

  • Kinda dissapointed in it’s loss. While I was initially annoyed at the whole FPS take on XCOM because it probably would have taken the series completely away from it’s roots the fact that we now have a game in that vein. It would have been neat to have both takes on a similar franchise

    • I think this probably does have a lot to do with it. For me I only care about the Firaxis version, more so after playing the demo.

  • Great, when I first saw it, it looked like an FPS Mass Effect set in the 60’s. Now it is a TPS like Mass Effect. Hopefully though this means that they are starting to think what X-COM actually means to people and also drop the action and explosions cover shooter aspect and go for the more subtle and tense alien hunting atmosphere.

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