The Pink-Haired Kitty Girl Rule Also Applies To Mobile Defence Games

There is no such thing as a bad game that features a pink-haired girl with kitty ears — even the most hideously unplayable mess is somewhat redeemed by such wondrous presence. Luckily for Gamevil, Arel Wars 2 is pretty damn playable as well.

A deep and satisfying free-to-play defence game now available for iOS (the Android version's been out for a while), Arel Wars 2 casts players in the role of one of three heroes, mustering their forces in order to do something that — if I am not mistaken — involves anime characters speaking in poorly-translated English.

Who needs English, anyway? It's fun, there are powers, units and castles to upgrade, other players to battle in PVP and, most importantly, the pink-haired kitty girl.


    Ah, 'free to play' well at least I can have a quick look without paying ;)

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