The Results Of Nintendo’s Investigation Into Underage Foxconn Workers

The Results Of Nintendo’s Investigation Into Underage Foxconn Workers

From the sound of it, kids as young as 14 could have assembled the Wii U. Last week, Nintendo issued a statement to Kotaku, saying it was looking into the matter. Today, Nintendo offered Kotaku an update on the results of its investigation.

According to Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America’s senior director of Corporate Communications, “Nintendo was concerned to learn that underage individuals had been working at a Foxconn facility in China where components for some Nintendo products are produced. Nintendo investigated the incident and determined that this was a violation of the Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Procurement Guidelines that all Nintendo production partners are required to follow, based on relevant laws, international standards and guidelines.”

Continuing, Scibetta added, “Foxconn has taken full responsibility for this incident and has moved quickly to ensure that all affected individuals no longer work at Foxconn. In fact, Foxconn’s own policies prohibit the employment of underage individuals and the company has pledged to Nintendo via direct communications to improve its process of enforcing this policy to avoid any similar issues in the future.”

“As one of many companies that work with Foxconn to enhance CSR along the whole supply chain, we take this issue very seriously,” added Scibetta. “As part of our ongoing procurement process, Nintendo staff will continue to carry out on-site inspections of our production partners in order to understand the actual on-site conditions and to promote socially responsible procurement.”

You can read more about the Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility in the company’s 2012 report.

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  • If Nintendo actually had a CSR policy that was worth 2 shits rather than one created for the sake of PR they would have never used Foxconn in the first place. It’s no secret that the conditions in that factory have been so terrible and the people working for so little that they literally jump to their deaths. That is, when they’re not being poisoned by chemical spills and massive OH&S shortfalls. It’s been that way for years.

    • Judging by your comment you obviously are not Chinese. The only reason you westerners are targeting Foxconn is because they are the biggest and western media has portrayed them that way. I can tell you that as a Chinese we all know that Foxconn has one of the best pay, conditions and ethics compared to hundreds of other manufactures where people get paid half of what Foxconn pays to work longer hours. Foxconn is not the only manufacturer with suicides, in fact if you actually read our domestic news you would find that other factories have more suicide rates than Foxconn. Non of these are ever broadcasted by western media, however, people in the west pretend they know everything. I suggest the west to stop minding their own business and stop pretending they are the world police, like they have for hundreds of years, and look after your own backyard

      • What point are you trying to make, exactly? That a company should pick the lesser of two incredibly massive evils as part of their social responsibility? If the conditions really are as bad as you say they are in the entire country then perhaps social responsibility means willing to take a bigger loss and produce these things were the conditions are acceptable.

        In the meantime, I’ll pass on your suggestion to the West.

  • PR release basically reads “We’re burying our heads in the sand and gonna believe what Foxconn management tells us.” however the facts seem to show that reality is different coming from this place…

  • Out of curiosity, how many people here work in Nintendo PR, or at Foxconn?

    I’m not saying that I don’t believe any of this story (or the Foxconn news over the last couple of years), but there’s a lot of people who are 100% sure about what is and isn’t going on with these situations, and I’d like to know how they know.

    In case it’s not conveying well in text: yes, I am being serious.

  • Lets just hope that this was an isolated incident at a single factory. Probably some shady dealings between the school administrators and the local factory management for some (even) cheap(er) labor. But who knows how far up it goes… for all we know the orders could have come from the top of Foxconn due to insufficient staff to cover the order for Nintendo.

  • We, as consumers must also share the responsibility for this type of story.
    Until you (we) are all willing to pay more for products we desire, from the consoles we play to the clothes on our backs this will always be the case.
    We demand low priced goods and the only way we can get what we demand is for Companies to employ people in countries with low labour costs.
    Low labour costs include poor safety, living conditions and all the “evils” we object to on one hand but also support on the other by our purchase.
    I doubt any here is that concerned that they will throw out their Nintendo or walk around half naked in protest because a 14 year old sewed their underwear.

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