The Time You Killed Playing Super Hexagon Lives Again

This week I played Super Hexagon in the office of my insurance agent, financial advisor, and attorney, as I settled up matters relating to the sale of a house. That should establish the game's cred as an outstanding time-killer.

It was also outstanding at killing time — that is, erasing your best time, no small consideration in what Stephen Totilo described as the video game equivalent of bull-riding. A glitch in a recent update deleted everyone's high scores. A subsequent fix from developer Terry Cavanagh has fixed the problem and restored the leaderboards. Hooray!

Super Hexagon's Score Erasing Bug Has Been Fixed [Game Informer]


    More to the point it updated it so it fills the 5's screen now so no more hitting the unresponsive black bars.

      Oh hell, that would drive me nuts. It was bad enough when my fingers weren't quite on the screen of my 4S and I would suddenly stop moving and die because of the narrow margin you have for error.

    I can think of half a dozen games/apps that have accidentally deleted saved data since iOS6 came out (with emergency patches shortly after), I wonder wtf has made it so common...

    It deleted local scores, but it did not effect Game Center leaderboards. I accidentally did the update (with an accidental touch of the Update all button), but managed to get pretty close to my best scores on Hexagon and Hexagoner. After the fix, I managed to get past 60 seconds on Hexagonest.

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