The Void Between Worlds Still Looks Like A Scary Place In Dead Space 3

Isaac Clarke's return to consoles may have co-op missions waiting for players when Dead Space 3 comes out next year. But EA still wants us to think that the third entry in its sci-fi horror franchise is going to be a frightening experience.

Hence, these screens. I don't know if shivers are running down your spines, but the prospect of more out-of-ship sequences would be a welcome addition.


    He's starting to look a lot less like a chunky space engineer & more like a power ranger.

      Crap. You're right. Cannot unsee!

        Ehh, the way I figure it, he's getting tired of being caught in crazy life-or-death situations with creepy-ass necromorphs and wanted to be always ready?

    I always thought that horrible uncomfortable suit eas part of the horror. Imagine having to get around in that thing!

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