The Walking Dead Episode 3 Stats Show Most Of Us Haven't Lost Our Morality

Warning: major spoilers for Episode 3 follow. Telltale released a new stats trailer, showing off the popularity of certain player choices in The Walking Dead's Episode 3.

I have to say: Wow, guys. I'm impressed!

I would've thought for sure at least a higher percentage of The Walking Dead players would by now have succumbed to the pressure of survival. I guess there's something too comfy about our couches and computer chairs, though.

Personally, I just can't stand the thought of letting Clementine down. She's trusted me this far, and I can see the respect and love in her eyes when she looks at me. And no way am I about to make this journey any harsher than it already is for her.


    Didn’t Shoot her.
    Didn’t abandon Lilly.
    Spike remover.
    Look for parents.
    Pushed the guy from the bridge.
    Helped Omid (He was injured?)
    Talked Kenny down.
    I did you know what to you know who… (Just couldn’t let the other person…  )

    Best news is this must mean we've got around a week til episode 4 :) The last trailer like this came out a week before 3, and a week before 2 :) Bring on 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really interesting stats, I love that they release these.

    Yeah I thought helping Omid was the best thing to do because he was injured - I had just pushed him off the bridge after all.

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