The Walking Dead Social Game Finally Makes It To Atlanta

When last we left the Facebook game based on The Walking Dead television show it was pretty horrible. Shane, Lori and Carl were in a hellish limbo somewhere on the highway to Atlanta, walking endlessly but never getting even a step closer. Chapter 2 is here, allowing them to move on to even more horrible situations.

Glenn, Daryl and a host of familiar faces from the show await players patient enough to keep playing, along with a host of improvements meant to address many of the common complaints about the game. The energy requirement for moving and fighting has been dropped, as have the intel and moral requirement for going on missions. They've upgraded weapons and added full and wide-screen support.

AMC is really trying here. It's kinda cute. Pat their little heads and give The Walking Dead Social Game another go?


    Is it available to gamers that do not happen to subscribe to ?

      Lol no, didn't you hear, facebook and mobile games are the new thing.

      That was the one thing that gripped me about these, that some fun little games are only available to Facebook and myspace users but not to the rest of us ... still not going to registoer though, im one of the small view that do not use facebook/myspace/twitter and stuff ....

        I dont use facebook myself, but most of these games get a port to the ios or android platform at some point.

    i have a friend who just has a facebook account to play games on it... nothing else lol

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