There Is Yet Another Cool Game Coming Out Tomorrow

It is now official: October 9, 2012 is the new May 15, 2012. May 15 was the day we got Max Payne 3 and Diablo III. October 9? The world will receive Dishonored and X-COM: Enemy Unknown, both of which are incredible. AND there will be a new episode of the acclaimed Walking Dead game.

Plus: Retro City Rampage, the love-letter to old arcade and Nintendo Entertainment System games, done in the style of top-down, original Grand Theft Auto will be out tomorrow for download to PlayStation 3, Vita, Steam and GoG (coming to other platforms later). The new launch trailer's above.

How can a gamer with good taste keep up?

Launch Trailer: Retro City Rampage on PS3, PS Vita Tuesday [PlayStation blog]


    I am psyched about the cross-buy and cross-play features of this game, but would love to see a Trophy listing if anyone has a link? Interwebz be failing me this time...

    October 9 for XCOM.. in North America is it? This is the 2nd major release this year (that i've cared about) that's not had a simultaneous release.. I thought we'd all finally got to the point where simultaneous worldwide releases were the norm now... obviously not.

      Tuesday is the standard game release day in the states while it's Thursday here in Australia.

    PSA: RCR will be released on the EU PSN Store later in the month... Wii and XBLA versions are apparently still in certification.

    Ouch, my nostalgia gland just blew a gasket... must buy!

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