There’s A Dinosaur Loose At New York Comic-Con

There’s A Dinosaur Loose At New York Comic-Con

You’re at comic con. You think you see a cool cosplayer, off in the distance. You can’t quite tell if it’s supposed to be a Velociraptor or a T-Rex. You move closer, cautiously, not wanting to alert him to your presence.

Then suddenly, to your right, you hear a sound. You look over and the dinosaur cosplayer is standing right there.

“Clever girl,” you think.


    • It should also be technically about the size of a chicken if it’s supposed to be a velociraptor, and yes it should also have feathers. Stupid Jurassic Park movie getting that wrong (the book was actually much closer).

      Not sure what this dinosaur is supposed to be…perhaps a Utahraptor or a Deinonychus.

  • It looks like our young t-rex with a utahraptor paint job, using the same dino legs strapped to human legs design that we use on our suits. It’s a bit stiff and unwiedy, but still pretty impressive for what is presumably an amateur job.

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