There's No Running In The Next Mobile Sonic The Hedgehog Game

He's blue. He's spiky. He's the fastest character in the video game universe, at least when he's running. This Thursday Sega releases Sonic Jump for iOS.

Today Sega tweeted the first screen for Sonic Jump, a reworking of a game Sega released in Japan back in 2005. It looks like Doodle Jump. It probably plays a lot like that too.

Sonic Jump will be available on Thursday worldwide for $US1.99, AUD$1.99, £1.49 and €1.59.


    they will make any crap game with sonic in it now days for money :\

    A Sonic game where you don't run.
    It is now official that Sega have lost the plot. :O

      No, I played this when it was new like 5 years ago. It did come out in english, and it was really good compared to the games that were out back then. I think it pre-dates Doodle Jump too.

    After all the recent good they've done with the sonic franchise! dang

    i played sonic jump on my symbian phone probably 5 years ago. it was really quite fun. clearly this has had a graphical overhaul.
    I would buy this again.

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