This Animated Street Fighter Movie Isn't Being Made In Japan

Brazilian artist Victor Hugo has quite the thing for Street Fighter, and I've quite the thing for his take on the fighting series, falling as it does somewhere between "next-gen fighting game" and "Hollywood animated movie".

So it's great to see him putting that to some serious work, teaming up with an animator friend for Street Fighter III — Fuurinkazan, a fan flick that, if his static 3D models are anything to go by, will be blowing our socks off.

Victor Hugo [Site]


    looks great, i hope he can get it finished.

    Brazil had the biggest Japanese expat population i believe, so he might have had More exposure than you might think

      Really? That seems curious. What's in Brazil that's attracting the Japanese over anywhere else in the world?

    There was a farming boom or something there about 80 years ago afraid i don't recall

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