This Ballin' New Free iPhone Game Is Not For Squares

There is no greater scourge to our universe than blatant shapism. The people of the Square Planet have subjugated the Ball People, crushing their spirit beneath their sharply-angled boots, but they didn't count on the heroic Round Ball and his unique ability to roll with the punches. I could do this all day.

Unleashed on the iTunes app store today by developer Majaka, Square Planet is a charming little accelerometer-based platformer in which our rotund hero uses the Square People's biggest weakness against them. He can roll. They cannot. Using this advantage he must traverse 16 different levels, braving obstacles, scoring power-ups, uncovering secret areas and — most importantly — freeing his captive brethren.

The gameplay is basic and the game a little short in its current state, but multiple play-throughs are in order to catch all the quirky happenings in the background of this 3D world.

You can download Square Planet for free via iTunes right now, and you should.


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