This Comic Book Artist's Skyrim-Themed Basement Is Straight Out Of Tamriel

Tyler Kirkham already spends lots of time in giant fantasy worlds. The comics illustrator has worked on Green Lantern, Transformers and The Darkness series in recent years, with contributions to game-centric adaptations like Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain.

But all that drawing was apparently not enough to satiate Kirkham's geeky desires. So he built a real-homage life homage to Bethesda's hit RPG game inside his home, complete with barrels, scrolls and candles that look like the ones all over Skyrim. Kirkham's brother posted a slew of images all over the publisher's forums for all to see and the results of Kirkham's labour — much of it done by hand — are very impressive. All he needs is a dragon, right?

Tour my brother's Skyrim-themed basement! [Bethesda Forums]


    Because we all know the Nords love nothing more than shooting hoops.

    Good thing you guys posted this, because no girl will ever see this room IRL.

    Where are the piles of armour and weapons on the floor like my skyrim house ? :)

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