This Could Be The Greatest Halloween Costume Of 2012

It'll be tough to top this! Reddit user rdt156 posted this photo of his friend and his friend's daughter, dressed for Halloween. Dad is a Work Loader from Aliens, and I'm assuming the daughter is baby Ripley?

According to rdt156, the baby "was super content. Loved all the attention and didn't make a peep. When it was baby bedtime, mum took her home and he swapped her out for a stuffed monkey."

How can the dad top this? "I'm willing to put money down that he tops it next year," writes rdt156. Can't wait.

My friend and his daughter dressed as a Work Loader from Aliens. [Reddit]

Comments!....GOLD JERRY!

    That's pretty sweet, but uh, how did they get her around? Like 'wow guys great work. It's only taken us 2 weeks to build but it's totally worth it for one pic, ok now lets take it apart & go home'
    Although I would like to imagine her stomping around the streets in it all night lol

      Her Dad is the power loader, it's a costume.

        what a civil reply. anywhere else would be 'faillllzzzzzz you are totes dumbzorz'

          Sorry, I'll up my game next time.
          I was going to point out that it was in the article, but couldn't be bothered after I'd typed the other sentence.

        That's a relief. Very irresponsible parenting to leave a baby in charge of a powerloader.

      Yeh.. it looks a bit unwieldly.. not sure how he is meant to hold the treats bag..

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