This Dog Is A Cooler Video Game Hero Than Master Chief

What makes a game character cool? Is it their arsenal? Is it how people treat them? Or is it something totally different? Can a Pomeranian puppy be a cooler game character than even a go-to gaming badass like Master Chief?

In the video above, I talk about the fantastic PSN title Tokyo Jungle, the definition of cool, and ultimately why this tiny dog little makes for a cooler game character than even the badass that is Master Chief.


    this game is so hard to be honest. Some area can deplete your hunger and health to almost zero. I went to the area new the train and I had to walk 3x map to find food causing me and my friend to die non stop. Luckily we had just changed generation so we had around 3x life as well. Worst of all after travelling there there was no food pomeranians can eat because all of them are zoo animals. Great game but real hard to survive as well

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