This Dragon Age III Concept Art Is Straight-Up Stunning


    I want to go exploring in the last two pictures especially!

    and yet to enter that castle you will have to go through 4 loading screens, 1 screen for each section of the bridge and then another screen to go through the gate

      and it's 1 castle repeated all across the kingdom.........

        and I hope you're happy playing as a human in a fantasy game with a strong presence of other races

    The are 100 castles in the game!!! But they are all the same!!!!

    i remember EA doimg the same for the first godfather game......every buildings interior was a copy and paste job

    Meh bioware lost me with dragon age 2 i have no interest in their casualised console centric monkey garbage

    Can't wait! I love the Dragon Age series.

      your scum

        Why am I scum?
        I'm a big fan of the story telling in the series.
        The game play in number 2 left something to be desired but the story telling is solid in both titles.

    Spring 2013? Like northern hemisphere 2013? Like between March-May 2013? Huh Only 7-8 months to go .

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