This Half-Life/Portal Crossover Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Sometimes people make game related videos and they're sort of terrible. Every now and then someone creates something that just nails it on every possible level. This is one of those videos.

Chell and Gordon Freeman doing stuff. Together? Man, this is the kind of crossover I can get down with. It even has Gordon Freeman doing sign language instead of speaking. GENIUS.

It's also extremely well made. Pretty incredible all round.

Thanks Game Informer!


    It was pretty awesome. Although I thought this had already been posted on Kotaku?

    Regardless I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm sure some people will complain about Chell having a disintegrate function on the Portal Gun but besides that it's done pretty true to the game. The sign-language communication was indeed a nice, and amusing, touch.

    I watched a man skydive from a balloon 127,000 feet up today. This is good, great even, but that there is a pretty hard act to follow.

      I forgot about that. You are correct. This is the second best thing for sure.

    Seeing as nothing covers what the effects of actually being shot with the portal gun are its not bad speculation.

    I personally think it would have be better without hamming it up.

      Agreed on the hamming point. Loved it nonetheless though.

    That was really, really good. Except every HL2 video I watch fills me with nostalgia/rage over lack of closure.

    Sign language was hilarious. Awesome video.

    Love it

    Mark, you do realise that both games are set in the same universe, so this isn't really a crossover.

      Avengers vs X-men is considered a crossover event, and they exist in the same universe.

    This is exactly how I would picture Gordon to be if you'd meet him! Dude playing him is awesome!

    Why is nobody blasting Serrels for reposting this material on Kotaku?? I saw this just the other day! This "community" confuses me so much.

    second best thing today, but still awesome.

    and was it filmed in Melbourne? look at the video at 39 seconds. i swear that is Crown on the right, and Flinders Street Station in the distance.

    what made this video more awesome was that it was shot in Australia!

    Check out 0:36. Looks like Melbourne to me. Yarra River, Crown on the right, Crowne Plaza on the left.

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