This Insane Super Hexagon Run Maybe Just Be A New World Record

Super Hexagon is hard. The kind of hard that keeps you coming back for more of its sweet, brilliantly designed torture. Getting to the top of your friends' list in Game centre is a feat worth celebrating. And landing on top of everyone else playing Terry Cavanagh's collision avoidance game? Well, that's damn special.

It looks like that's exactly what's happening in Ollie Powell's thrilling run in the video above. Powell e-mailed Kotaku, thinking that this admirable tear on the iOS game may be one that sets a world record in the Hexagoner difficulty range . It's tough to be certain about that, but one thing's for sure: Cavanagh — who relishes owning everyone on the world in the game he created — won't be letting this challenge stand.


    Yeah, OK. That's good. It's amazing how good people can get in this game where there are set patterns, but thrown at you randomly at crazy speeds.

    That's just bonkers. Love the game to bits, but I'm crap at it.

    I'm surprised that the music actually stops... was that added to the clip afterwards?

    mental. amazing. Not to take away from this guy's awesome run but kinda crazy he dies on a relatively easy bit! I still think this came is created to pick pilots for advanced alien craft ahead of the one coming invasion...but that's just me. (record is only 160 or something)

      Thats the thing tho, after 5 minutes of mind numbing patterns your brain find's the easy bit's hard and you trip up.

    one coming meaning oncoming... there will be only one though i guess.

    Interesting. I always wondered what happened after the first 8 seconds of that game.

    So, you're supposed to play this game WITHOUT getting a seizure?

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