This Is A Video Game... About Truck Driving

I seriously have no idea what I just watched. This is a game, about Truck Driving. An insanely detailed video game. About Truck Driving. Like an actual serious simulation, with incredible visuals.

About Truck Driving.

Look — I have nothing against the act of truck driving. But it just doesn't seem like good fodder for some 'visceral' video game action!

But on the other hand, the supreme level of detail being put into Euro Truck Simulator 2 is absolutely incredible, and there must be a niche for this kind of thing. There are dozens of brilliantly detailed cities to drive to, and part of me — I think — might find driving around the European countryside a really relaxing experience.

The game is available now. And it's completely bizarre. I'm considering buying it just for the sheer hell of it.

There is so much insanity going on within the game...

- 50 streaming radio stations from around Europe - A levelling mechanic - Base building mechanics - 60 different towns


Thanks Perkel!


    If that excites you, then you might want to sit down when you hear that Farming Simulator 2013 is out this Friday!

      I'm just saving up for the $1000 of DLC for Train Simulator 2013!

      Or you can pick up FS-2012 from the bargain bin at your local EB. I'm not joking, that was actually there when I was yesteday.

      Everyone is excited by Garbage Truck Simulator 2011. Who wouldnt want a garbage collection business?

    I'm not going to lie here - as boring as that looks, DAMN if it doesn't look AMAZING!!!

    Mark, not only do i want you to buy this, but i want you to spend the weekend playing it and give us an actual write-up of your experience!!!
    Also - make a truck with FLAMES!!!

      Loops- you need to review this one for Potaku!

        Maybe i should start reviewing all the mind-numbing games in a really excited way?


    You weren't kidding about that detail, it looks very impressive... for a truck simulator.

    This is not the first Truck Driving sim and they get a huge followig.. I'ts a lot like the aforementioned Farming Simulator (which I own the previous version of) and Train Simulators.. heck even Flight Simulators.. :)

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    I think Jeremy Clarkson and others would like to know, is there an side game about murdering prostitutes?

    An Aussie version would be funny.

    They couldn't include Australia without a bit of Wolf Creek DLC on the side.

    Coming from someone who has an MR licence, will be interesting to see how spot on this simulator is.

    Playing this right now, parking is the hardest.Fun little game but the optimisation is pretty bad.

    Do you need to unload your cargo eg with trolley jacks and forklifts once u reach a destination?

      Very few Truck Drivers unload these days, the whole workplace health and safety thing meaning before the driver could unload he'd need a site safety induction taking near an hour, and a 15 min refresher course before he could even start every time he turned up. Now delivering on Monday than Tuesday you wouldn't think he'd need it. But if somebody slips on a rock on Tuesday and there was no refresher well there'll be hell to pay.

    In before Australian DLC lets you go full road train with 2 extra trailers.

    Four things:
    1. I know that some people get excited by the idea of driving their own big rig, I just didn't think there would be enough to justify a game that expensive looking..
    2. How close are the cities to their actual size / what's the scale? Can you drive between cities?
    3. Someone needs to mod a porshe and a time challenge into it.
    4. Kotaku needs to review this. DO EEEEET!!!

    You know what words warrant capitalising, are the words Truck and Driving.

    Bah trucks! Gyno 2012 HD will be the next big thing!

    Despite what you could assume is a boring game, I have been playing this and thoroughly enjoying it. I guess it helps that I'm a sim fan any way. Flight simulators and city builders like Cities XL primarily. Arma is a necessity also...

    Certainly not any but the sim oriented player would take to it. But it isn't difficult to operate. Full wheel/ pad support. Key mapping. High detail environments (high end gaming build).

    It definitely doesn't offer the gameplay synonymous with the popular AAA titles but it has it's special place in the niche market. I wholeheartedly support the simulator cause as well as the more prominent releases.

    Best of both worlds I suppose.

    It also has a lot to do wit the platform as well. Accessibility is a huge factor in the current console generation. PC gamers usually know enough to understand the freedom of PC gaming (not including DRM schemes and services such as Origin, and recently Ubisoft always online requirements). And also hardware requirements.

    I have both PS3 and 360, as well as most before. Even though consoles have their appeal and produce some awesome and even unique experiences, there is nothing quite like the quality and mod freedom of a PC game.

    Call me what you will. I don't care. I'm addicted. At least for now.

    I guess I better try it out with the G27 next chance I get.

    Drunk too. Not so good truck driver.

    i picked up the first one for $2 in the DSE bargain bin few months back.. keep forgetting to try it out. I use to drive road trains and thought it would be fun to see how real it is. I was also going to see if it had g27 support! haha

      Yep works fine with my G27. Its a fun little game if you are into sims, I hardly think its an extremely accurate representation, but fun to while away the hours.

      One issue is multi-monitor performance, I have 3 monitors and normally my system can handle pretty much all games going the full 5760x1080 resolution, but the performance on this game is pretty poor at this res even when turning the effects off. They have said they are going to be working on it for their next patch.

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