This Is An Ada Wong Action Figure, Not A Doll, OK?

Next year, Hot Toys will be releasing a Resident Evil figure based on the assassin Ada Wong.

Like other pieces from the company, when there's that much skin on display the figures tend to look more like a little kid's doll than a grown person's expensive collectible, but also like other pieces from Hot Toys, its poseable at a lot more places than the joints you can see.

Priced at $US200, it'll be out in March 2013.

Hot Toys Ada Wong [Sideshow]


    you keep telling yourself that lukey

    I like the part where it's based on the happy past-times of RE4. Game of the forever.

    It irks me to see such bad trigger discipline on what should be a highly trained person. The same echos true for the whole movie. It's the tiniest detail, but it spoils it for me.

    Its not a doll. Luke drilled a 5mm deep hole between its legs. It is an ACTION FIGURE!!!

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