This Is The Face Of A Dog That’s Just Destroyed An IPhone 5

This Is The Face Of A Dog That’s Just Destroyed An IPhone 5

And boy, this mutt looks happy! Twitter user Mozo posted this image of what happened when the delivery person left an ordered iPhone 5 at Mozo’s place when no one was home. This is apparently the result.
Mmmm… Nom, nom nom. Delicious iPhone 5! Like a bone or a tennis ball, but more expensive. (Kidding aside, sure hope the animal is OK and didn’t ingest anything!)


家の人がいない間に [_mozo_ via ぴくpic]

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  • Delivery company is totally at fault, they’d have to replace your phone. It’d take a few weeks, but they’re the ones liable.

    • Negative usually when you buy something online and have it delivered you tick whether or not you want the courier to leave it at your door or for you or someone to sign for it so unless he did ask for it to be signed then yes but if not no it is his own fault and the courier is no way liable.

      • Also usually depends on how much you pay for shipping and if the seller has registered it and made the decision to get you to sign it as well.

      • I buy a lot of items online and I don’t recall seeing this thing that you tick. Most couriers leave my books from Amazon inside my fly screen door even though they are supposed to leave it at the post office. Which sometimes they very well do.

  • Personally having a hard time believing this but yes, like Jake said, the delivery company would definitely be liable for this. If noone was home, there would be a note left at the house for the parcel to be picked up. Dubious of its authenticity.

    Otherwise, I’d like to buy that dog a ham!

  • I clicked on this article just for the picture of the dog. Coz dogs are cool.

    Also, its not the first time I’ve heard of a delivery company doing something dumb like this. & if thats the case, then yep, the delivery company is 100% at fault.

  • Actually, with some companies there is an option to request the parcel be left in a safe location if no-one is home. If you exercise that option, liability falls on you.

  • I’ve had Australian Air Express leave parcels at my front door when no ones home worth a few hundred dollars and that’s where our dog lives thank god she got over the whole chewing everything to bits phase.

  • Should totally raise an army of dogs that seek out and destroy all iPhones. They can have a fancy collar that launches Droid phones, like missiles into the hands of the would-be Apple-tech victims.

  • This was on reddit like last week, and someone on there who is supposedly a phone repairer mentioned that the parts dont even belong to an iPhone. Only the grey cable.

  • Looks similar to my dog, we got someone to put in electric motors on the garage doors, he was late and left the new motors inside the yard to come back in the arvo when I got home. As you can expect the 1 year on lab/boxer destroyed his new toy motors :D. Replaced for free by the tradie for doing such a stupid thing.

  • The courier is indeed liable. If a package or parcel that could not be placed inside a letterbox (or would be practical) then it needs to be returned to the nearest PO with a note detailing when and where the recipient can claim their parcel.

    Along with another user, I’ve never ever seen this radio button that says “Yes. Please leave my package I’ve paid money for outside exposed to all the elements”

  • No, lots of people have been getting damaged iPhone 5s fresh from the box , I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks in the pictures.

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