This Is The Official Launch Trailer For Assassin's Creed III

Here's the official launch trailer for Assassin's Creed III, which comes out tomorrow for PS3 and Xbox 360. Meet Ratonhnhaké:ton, adopted name Connor. Meet George Washington. Muskets. Axes. Large ships. Bloody killings. All that jazz.

I've never been a huge fan of Assassin's Creed, but there's something really appealing about this setting. I'm pretty psyched to hack away at revolutionary soldiers and sneak through the woods of New England as a half-Native American assassin dude. What do you think?


    Whens the release date?
    I hope its today ^_^

      EB Games are holding midnight launches tonight in certain stores

      Fighting for justice for all?
      I guess he wasn't talking about Africans, Chinese, the Natives or anyone who wasn't a fundamentalist Catholic.

      This really puts me off the game.

        *rolls eyes* You realise he's a Native American right... epic fail.

          Which makes the whole setup for this game all the more disgusting and distasteful.

          This utterly unabashed jingoism makes me want to not buy this game... it really does. I'm sure I will, at some point. I don't want my personal leanings get in the way of entertainment, but Ubisoft have to realise if they are gonna broach the topic of history, it is important to not just wither to some artificial jingoisitic version of history, they need to delve deeper. It's like watching propaganda films... it's altering the truth with JUST a bit of fantasy, so it will be considered historical.

          History is made up of the stories of the past, it's up to the re-tellers to define the course of it. Ubisoft, if your aim is being laid out in this trailer, you've done no good in retelling history.

          Always remember that the 4th of July is actually this:

            Oh dear christ get over yourselves... you do remember its completely fictional right... AC1, 2, BR and RV had historical characters and situations in them yet they didn't cause society to collapse when they were reimagined. Take that pole out of your asses boys.

            Last edited 31/10/12 12:21 am

              No previous AC dealt with nationalist ideals, just individuals within a stage. Like I said, I will most likely buy the game, my concern is Ubisoft pandering to an audience and missing the opportunity to have a good narrative.

              AC1 dealt with a conflict happening within and between religious groups and managed to show two sides of the coin, AC3 can barely tear it's lips away from America's arsehole long enough to mention the British and when they do they are painted as the most cliched pompous brit villains. It comes off as lazy and dull. I don't have a stick up my arse as you so eloquently put it, (you fountain of maturity and reasoned discussion you) I just expect better from Ubisoft. If some small German studio can put out the thought provoking awesomeness of Spec Ops: the line, then Ubisoft can hopefully do better than a Last of the Mohicans/The Patriot mash up.

                I'll put this simply so you can grasp it: if you're playing an ac game looking for historical accuracy and balance, I wouldn't be surprised to find you seeing Django unchained complaining its not an accurate representation of the Wild West either... One does not play these looking for accuracy. This is a stupid thing to expect when initially realising you're an assassin vs'ing Templars in the colonial times...

                  I'm looking for quality of narrative, not pure historical accuracy. I had no difficulty in grasping your attempts at being a snide little internet dweller, I just didn't agree with your attempt at putting down other people's opinions.

                  From what I have gathered from how AC3 is being advertised; it is lacking in narrative originality and quality. That is a valid complaint. By using history as a story-springboard Ubisoft must be aware that having a historical outline isn't an excuse to not think up a back story or re-evaluate the settings that you place your characters in. It's lazy (IF the story is indeed how it is being advertised.) and it is un-original.

                  However, like I said, I will most likely purchase and play the game, even enjoy it somewhat. If it is as bad as the advertising makes out, I will view it as a lost opportunity. If others enjoy it, fine, I won't hold it against them, however I will voice my opinion in a relevant thread.

                  Any chance you can make a post that isn't an attempt to be rude/troll-like and just respond to a topic of discussion? If not, then there's no point in saying any more.

    Any clue if this and Liberation will be uploaded to PSN a day early for tomorrows release?

      O shizz I forgot you can do that. Thanks fa reminding me. Download for 60 bones on US store seems like good deal

    Finished revaluations last night, can't wait for tomorrow

    As someone who stopped playing at AC2, can someone tell me if they actually added any form of difficulty in the later games (read fixed the combat mechanic). I had always been tempted to pick up revelations...but the complete lack of challenge has kept me at bay

      No they didn't add a difficulty setting

      Try get the full sync for every mission. thats what I like to do to challange myself.

      They didn't *really* up the difficulty (except for the optional objectives), but the combat got a revamp in Brotherhood. Wasn't much harder, but it was a lot more fun.

      Apparently they've completely re-done it for AC3 so who knows for this one.

      You don't regenerate health during combat and I think they removed the auto-block button.

    Waiting for the WiiU review to see if that's a superior version.

    "As the British army seized control of our nation..." really?

    And here I thought America was a British colony at the time...

      i dont think a game aimed at americans is gonna stray too far from their mythology they like to make up about that time.

        well he IS native american. He's got more right to say it then the other americans

        I hope this is wrong, but fear it might be right...

      To add to dg's comment, I think this trailer was specifically uploaded to the Assassin's Creed North American channel, so presumably, this is the trailer specifically targeting the US crowd.

      There was another 'launch' trailer uploaded a few days ago that was uploaded to the Assassin's Creed UK channel and is the one displayed on the Australian Assassin's Creed website, which doesn't feature that line.

      So, basically, target marketing.

      Or maybe he his people nation. I.e native Americans. The. They said it weird to appeal to american audiences.

        Didn't that kind of displacement happen largely after the American revolution?

    Looks great, but I did get bored with AC II. Could be more of the same.

    I've read several articles saying Connor is impartial to the conflict, but the more trailers I see, the more I see him siding with the good old US of A (sic).

    I really hope it's not as patriotic as it is appearing so far.

      Fingers crossed that this is just careful marketing to boost US sales.

      same. Everything they've said is that it is not a flag waving exercise, everything we've seen say's it is, which IS putting me off.

      More surprised that a French/French Canadian developer is waving the stars and stripes so shamelessly ... but we'll see.

        Yeah... the French choosing a side that lets them kill the British.

      I tend to trust the interviews and reviews over the targeted marketing campaigns. If people who develop the game and people who have played the game say it's not all US patriotism, then I trust that more than marketing that is clearly targeted towards the US consumer.

    And the pile of shame continues to build...

    Ah, I can see that their promise that the game wouldn't be exclusively about killing redcoats is going well.

    Seriously, I think I'm going to sit this jingoistic, "Mel Gibson's The Patriot" made-into-game-form out. The almost mythical historical inaccuracies from that trailer are just too much to swallow, even if it has good gameplay. Although chances are it'll be exactly like the other 4 anyway.

    Plus, even if you do get to kill both sides, $10 says it's 99% killing redcoats to 1% patriots. And the patriot you kill will probably be Benedict Arnold about to betray the patriots to the British anyway.

    Oh who gives a damn. America now is completely different from America back then, I don't understand why people are so butthurt about the whole "OOH RAH AMERICA" thing when it's only really a problem in modern military fiction. I'm sure that 250 years ago the culture was completely different.

    The game looks awesome, stop crying about something so trivial.

      Are you sure you're not mistaking Canada for America? Because Canada isn't like that, while America is still definitely "OHH RAH AMERICA."

        You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is that if there's any modern games set in America, it is justified because the whole America thing would definitely be as annoying as everybody makes it out to be. But this "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" thing is only prominent in modern history, and I doubt it would have existed 250 years ago and thus it shouldn't be present in this game.

        Sorry, it's pretty difficult to explain.

        For example, take the Patriot, and then take any movie set in the past ten years or so that features the US military, and you'll see a huge difference.

          That would be all good and well if the game was 100% historically accurate. Personally I don't care, but I think people's beef is that the more distasteful modern patriotism is being portrayed in this game, or at least manipulated in marketing in order to sell it.

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