This Is Toy Story Replicated In Garry's Mod, And It Gets A Bit Weird

Okay prepare for something a bit incredible, but also very, very strange. This is a scene from Toy Story, reanimated and rebuilt using Source Filmmaker. It starts off weird, then it gets kinda hilarious, then it gets weird again.

I can't really explain why, but I totally love it. The fact that it's so jarred, and such a bizarre clunky parody is what makes it all work.

Thanks fortalyst!


    Oh man.. that ending... Litteral lols were had. WTF?!

      LMAO how funny was that. I usually don't appreciate that type of humour but it was just so far out of left field how could you not laugh.

      Do a google image search for Revoltech Woody...

    After finding this video I've actually discovered a whole number of videos in SFM which are equally... questionable in content :/

    Holy crap that ending got really weird really quickly.

    holy fuck what happened at the end

    HAHA that ending.
    OMFG out of nowhere!

    That ending still weirds me out. I never expected to see this end up on Kotaku. Halolz, yes, Kotaku ... Not so yes.

    WTF? The ending... Why???

    I've watched this about 10 times now and my sides are on fire. This shouldn't be funny, but it just is.

    This looks more like Garrys Mod than Filmmaker to me.

      That is because is is Garry's Mod, Mark can't seem to tell the difference. But hey, instead of correcting the article i've got a better idea. Here is an actual Source Film maker of the exact same scene from Toy Story.


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