This Is What The Internet Looks Like

When people say the internet is just a series of tubes, they're not too far from the truth. It's made up of tubes, cables and data centres, which have to sit in boring buildings. Like the monstrous ones internet monolith Google makes use of.

These stunning pictures posted by the search and advertising giant today show what some of these centres look like, and in doing so, what a good portion of your daily internet usage - from searching to YouTube - looks like in the flesh as well.

The shots aren't from any one particular centre; instead they show off Google facilities all over the US and indeed the world.

And no, you're not alone in thinking they look like something from Mirror's Edge.

You can check out more pics, and read up on the centres, at the link below.

Data Centers [Google]


    How much are those pictures just crying out to be Dishonored DLC somehow... Of course you'd have to forego the whole story, but whatever.

      I was thinking the very same! OR maybe a BF3:CQ map, cable exploding everywhere.

      I think Deus Ex or Mirror's Edge would be more suitable.

    I'm surprised that they still use tape...

    Id just love to pull 1 cable and watch the chain reaction, haha

    amazing pictures!

    "A network cable is unplugged.."
    "Technician report to section D21, rack 4, to insert a network cable immediately!"

    It looks exactly like Mirror's Edge... minus the entire city.

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