This List Of Video Games Sampled By Hip-Hop Artists Said To Knock You Out

Rappers love Pac-Man. I mean, everyone loves Pac-Man. But this list at Spin's website — which catalogues 50 rap songs that have sampled game music for their beats — testifies to the abiding love affair MCs have for the hungry video game icon. There have been a lot of Super Mario samples and some genuine surprises — who sampled Actraiser?! — lurk in the gallery, too. Man, the rapper Doom sampling the video game Doom is straight-up genius.

Arcade Fire: 50 Rap Songs Based on Video Game Samples [Spin]


    yeh MF Doom is one of the most unique rap artist/producer out there and I kinda think its cool he performs with that mask on.

    Also, this is one of my favourite rap lyrics by Biggie:
    "Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis / When I was dead broke man, I couldn't picture this.."

    My fav two oxymorons are Talented Rapper & Quality Hiphop. Sampling is just partially copying someone elses hard work. Anyone can do it well with all the time stretch, pitch shift and beat matching tools available. No skills have been required to do this since the razorblade and stickytape analog days of music production. If they cant play it themselves on an instrument, dont be too quick to praise. Without copying the work of others these people would not even be able to put a song out.

      Take heed of @tisme spoken words. He is obviously very rich because it is so easy.

      You got to think man, No doubt they got producers and assistants who help and what not but at the end of the day they had 'something' which can be anything which made them standout. For good or bad. Don't hate on other peoples success because you're lacking some of your own.

    This song wasn't on the list. It's my favourite video-game sampling song
    Camu Tao - The Moment
    It samples two songs off the Woverine NES soundtrack.

    And by @tisme's logic, the drum loops on The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows required no skills on the part of Paul McCartney since he wasn't actually playing the drums himself. Also a lot of hip-hop producers will sample individual notes or sounds and then create their own chord progressions and will also sample individual drum hits and then record them live so in effect they are playing instruments.

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