This New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer Shows Off Co-op, And A Giant Koopa Ship

This New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer Shows Off Co-op, And A Giant Koopa Ship

New Super Mario Bros. U continues to look a little familiar, but that doesn’t stop me from anticipating the game. As strange as it sounds, I’m simply hyped to be playing Mario in HD. This new trailer shows off some of the game’s co-op and some pretty gorgeous backgrounds — note the Koopa Ship sailing past at one point. Wowzers. (Did I just type ‘Wowzers’? Yes. Yes I did.)

I think people will have their issues with this game — too samey, lack of innovation, etc — but it’s still my most anticipated game for the Wii U. The DS NSMB games were lackluster, but I think people are forgetting just how good NSMB Wii actually was. Great level design, finely tuned co-op — I expect the Wii U version to be just as well made, and I’m sort of excited for it.


  • It’ll be the game I get alongside my theoretical (but almost assured) Wii-U, because … well … it wouldn’t be a Nintendo console without one. In terms of how similar it looks to its predecessors, well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 2D platforming is about having an identifiable and repeatable formula, and the fact that they’ve been able to repeat that formula across multiple games and platforms is testament to how good that formula is. The occasional misstep aside, Mario is a pretty reliable franchise and the games are always playable at the very least.

  • Shiggyyyyyyyy! Give us at least an tech demo on the next 3D Mario game – not this. Allthough I’m sure it’ll be fun, but not an WiiU seller for me.

  • I’m so stoked for this game, it looks awesome! I don’t care if it is the same rehash….I love 2D Mario….this is a launch day purchase for me! Along with Black Ops 2, ZombiU, Sonic All Stars Racing, and Tank Tank Tank!!

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