This Nifty Torchlight II Hack Lets You Easily Respec Your Character

One of the big differences between Torchlight II and Diablo III is that in Torchlight II, it's much more difficult to re-spec your character and choose new skills.

You can visit a vendor in town to undo your last three skill upgrades, but past that, you're probably stuck with the options you've got. Choose well!

However, there is a re-spec potion in the game that lets you totally overhaul your character, even at a high level. But that potion is rare, and so it's difficult to find.

Thankfully, there's this workaround, uploaded to YouTube by MaguzEx. It's a hack, really, not a mod — you'll have to download a file and drop it into your Torchlight II save game folder. After that, the potions will magically appear in your shared stash, and you can re-spec to your heart's content.

Not bad. Maybe it's time to find out how my Embermage would do if she was more into lightning.

Torchlight II Hack Allows You to Reset Skills Infinitely: Respec My Dodge Mastery [Technabob via Nibblehacker, YouTube video by MaguzEX]


    Shouldn't websites like Kotaku not be posting about how to hack games?

      Part of the game is its massive mod community, the devs actually encourage it
      In fact, if you look at the official FAQ it specifies there will be mods allowed

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        It should be noted that this mod will flag your account as a Cheater though, probably forever.

          no, this doesnt flag you as a cheater. The game only does that if you load the potion yourself via a console command, but since you're just replacing your sharedstash.bin it cant detect it, i have used it myself a couple of times to test out various builds.

      It's a mod (and a much needed one at that). Foretunately, Runic are all for Mods :D

      Possibly, but in this case no. It doesn't give a significant advantage over other players in terms of power and balance.
      Original torchlight had a few mods that did this as well.

    It's not a malicious hack that is meant to break the game with OP stuff. The intentions are pure. If someone wants to respect their character, and don't want to spend ages making a new char, it's nice to see they have an option available to them that otherwise wouldn't be there.

    Unlike Blizzard, Runic isn't trying to balance the game around the auction house economy. This has negligible effect on other players' experience. Torchlight II only let you respec the last three skills.

    Well considering that one simple number change in the setting file will allow you to use the console to reset stats and skills as well as lots of other stuff. this little hack isnt really needed unless you dont wish to use the console.

      doing it via the console command flags you permanently as a cheater, this does not

    Very true. I started lvling a number of skills that I wasnt ever going to use and would have much prefered to max others, so I did :) "resetskills"

      That will unfortunately flag your char as a cheater, but then again, haven't seen so much of a fuss from people on reddit playing with a flagged char

    The respec thing is a bit wierd tbh - Runic have endeavoured to make a highly accesible game otherwise that puts the player first, then made respecing difficult by default. Should be corrected by a patch not a mod.

    KoA got it right with the Fateweaver without having to go through a hack like this.

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