This Pinball Machine Is Made Entirely From K'Nex

With everyone so quick to build incredible, awe-inspiring works in virtual worlds, it's sort of cool to take a gander at the incredible video game related things people can build in real life. This pinball machine, constructed solely from K'Nex, is a great example of that.

It's incredible — not just because it's a pinball machine made from K'Nex. And not just because it's fully functioning and actually works. It's the imagination required to say, 'I can and I will make a bloody pinball machine from K'Nex'. Seriously. This is genius.

The design is brilliant — there are systems of lifts and pulleys that help carry the pinball around, and it actually looks like a helluva lot of fun to play.


Thanks Gizmodo.


    I'm obsessed with K*nex ball machines. Youtube has a bunch of them and they can be somewhat hypnotizing. None of them are interactive, though, so I'm giving props to these guys for that.

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    Slowest pinball machine in the universe :P

    Friggen rad though.

    Did he go in with a plan? Or was he drunk one night and "F*ck it! Im making a pinball machine!" and kept going?

    Holy Carp. I've seen the ferris wheels and stuff, but that is an absolute beast of a construction and incredibly practical. How do you sit down and think "This is how it's all going to fit together"?

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