This Player Is Insanely Good At Stringing Dishonored Attacks Together

Ok ok, I know earlier today I said I love to play games stealthy. And then I showed you guys a video of Corvo showing the guards of Dunwall who makes the decisions around here. Forceful decisions. Ones that result in many deaths.

But this sequence of deaths might be even more exciting than the last. Once you rack up enough powers, you can combine them to delightful results, like the one you see in kekkoSoNicSyNdIcAtE's video above.

I still play Dishonored stealthy, but every once in a while I'll allow myself to go all murderous just because it's too fun not to.

Dishonored super attacco poteri combinati [YouTube, thanks Cactuscat222!]


    This video just makes me want to go home and fire this game up. Excellent game.

    And people want top stealth this game!? Phwoar.....

    I try to stealth most situations, but I must say when things go wrong and I have to use violence its rather fun.

    It seems silly to make your violence gameplay so much fun and then penalise the player later in the game for using it...

    Hitman: Blood Money had atrocious gunplay, which made me never want to rely on having to shoot my way out of a mission.

    Im trying to play the game through without killing anyone. Going well so far but will be playing it again going balls out killing everyone :D

    I just got off playing moments ago Im now back at dunwell or whatevs. Anyway, I thought I'd amp up the game and i've put it on hard. I've stealth my way through throughout the game without killing anyone (cept those pesky rats)
    So far Im loving every minute of this, though im hoping im not close to the end considering i only started playing the other day.

    That was pretty schmick, although it kind of looks really annoying to have to bring up the quick wheel every five seconds. I'm hoping for a demo of this game because while it looks fantastic, I have some strong reservations about it.

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