This Portal Thing Is The Best Way To Relax This Afternoon

Seriously. I've had this on in the background for the past 20 minutes, and I have no intention of switching it off. It's called Chell in the Rain, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It pairs gorgeous art of Chell, from Portal, with the Feels Like A Trial song, and the sound of rain pattering in the background. Now this is a very literal description, and it kinda removes the magic from the whole thing, but I guarantee if you open this tab, you'll have a very hard time closing it.

There's something about this song, it just loops perfectly! It never ends, and you don't want it to end either.


[Stretches legs and sups on a ginger beer.]

Thanks Rohan!



    or if you want the HTML5 Version

    I've had this bookmarked for sometime, after finding it through this video in the discription (Which Kotaku may have featured at some point)

    I've had this as a background on my tablet for a while. Every time I go to change it I end up on the site just enjoying the sound.

    Can I get that image bigger. I want to add it to my desktop background rotation.

      Click extras.

    As someone enlightened me in August - the song is Exile Villify by the National. One of their better songs in my humble opinion.

    The song is actually called Exile Vilify by The National

    The winner of the Exile Vilify film clip competition never ceases to entertain me

    I remember finding this on stumbleupon last year, is really nice.

    Oh wow that's awesome! Made even better by the fact it's raining here! *Bookmark*

    Chell looks kinda mong, and why did the black bird take the polaroid? I don't get it?


    The first time I heard this song was on this video.
    Fell in love pretty much instantly. I rate it up there with the smooth jazz and police radio stream combinations. Haha.

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