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This week is sort of like the eye of the storm. Nothing super massive is being released this week. There's still stuff, but yeah...

But after this week? Oh man, it's on.

Dance Central 3 (360)

What is it? That game everyone plays at house parties once everyone's drunk. Should you care? It is the best dance game on the market.

Doom BFG Edition (PC)

What is it? It's Doom you dingus! Should you care? Sure.

Of Orcs And Men (PC)

What is it? Seems like we write about this every bloody week. It's coming out on PC this week. Should you care? No.

Ravaged (PC)

What is it? An online multiplayer shooter with a massive focus on vehicular combat. Should you care? I honestly couldn't say.

Serious Sam 3: Jewel Of The Nile

What is it? It's another Serious Sam game! Should you care? Not a massive deal, but this series does have a pretty broad fan base.

Skylanders: Giants (360/PS3/3DS/Wii/PC)

What is it? This game man. It is a big deal. Kids go nuts for it. Haven't you seen the ads on TV! Should you care? If you have kids, yes. Also — it's apparently pretty cool.

UPDATE: Sorry guys and girls — I made a mistake. Forza isn't out until next week.


    I'm thinking about joining the Skylanders bandwagon the question remains will I be tricked into buying hundreds of dollars of toys?

    Edit: Also has anyone played Of Orcs and Men yet? is it any good?

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      you wont get tricked you will get addicted there really fun to collect

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        Sounds like a good excuse to play my 3DS. is their much difference between the Xbox and 3DS versions? perhaps thats a stupid question.

          Not a stupid question at all the console and handheld are very different games ones more of a diablo like game where the 3DS is more of a platformer

            what in the shit... you just compared skylanders to diablo??

            very untrue... both are platformers... just the 360/wii/ps3 version is different to the 3ds one...

            also for anyone thinking about skylanders... you don't have to be a kid to like it :P just sayin

              Guess you haven't played much skylanders........ even the devs compared it to diablo in play style and the 3DS is a platformer the console has puzzles

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                i have actually.. and if the devs said that they are talking out their arse... its a platformer with extremely mild rpg elements if you prefer... it isn't an isometric view rpg... not in any way shape or form

                  You can't jump in Skylanders so it's kind of a stretch to call it a platformer. The game is more of a top down RPG and I think that's why wintersoldier compared it to diablo. The game is so much simpler than diablo so maybe the comparisons are only skin deep.

                  Thank you masha you cant jump in skylanders where in the 3Ds version you can jump and theres platforming

    Horizon is shaping up to be a hell of a game. Forza meets Project Gotham and Test Drive. Demo was awesome.

    Think i better go find out some more bout doom bfg edition. I love doom!

    You forgot Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan

    Might consider forza horizon, as soon as I remember to check out the demo

    Call me ignorant but what are the massive games out next week? I miss the game website with its schedules :(

    Did Forza Horizon get brought forward a week? I thought it was out on the 23rd of October....

    I'm considering getting Doom again. Despite what other people say, I actually enjoyed Doom and the expansion.

    Original Doom on my PS3? Yes please! I hunted down a copy of the PSOne version, but this should be a lot smoother... Now, for a Vita port thanks!

    I honestly thought Forza was coming out this week as well, just because i started seeing early reviews go up. Looks fantastic. Forza is now undeniably the dominant racing franchise.

    oh yeah, doom should list as pc xbox and ps3. just looked it up, unless its dif release dates. Haven't had a chance to check that at work yet.

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    Doom is on shelves already (i saw it at EB and JB on the weekend)... it appears no one gave a shit about release dates... for anyone on PC that could be a problem as I believe its steam activated only (i know my digital copy from GMG is) so you won't be able to play until the 16th/17th (it isn't even on the steam store yet)

    Of Orcs and Men looks good... but i'm sure it'll be overlooked... i'll pick it up when its cheap

    Ravaged has been in beta for bit... i played it once and it felt like shit...

    Calling Serious Sam 3 Jewel on the Nile a new "game" isn't correct as its just DLC... just sayin :P

      So, eb and jb don't sell them unless they're informed to. If the street dates were broken then they can sell it. You were probably looking at a display case, bud.

        I picked up a copy from eb yesterday

          Then it wasn't street dated.

      While doom 3 is on my shelves (I work in a Jb in ACT) it also has massive green stickers saying "pre-order now!"
      Maybe that's what you saw?

    Nothing note worthy by the looks, gives me a few more days to finish dishonored 2nd play through, borderlands 2 TVHM, and possibly sleeping dogs...

    Damn this last month has been expensive... and i havent even looked at Xcom, havent had time to get back into war of the roses or start pokemon black 2..

    Think Nov is going to be worse, and then Dec again... recent payrise is much appreciated lol

      FYI if you're looking to get X-Com on PC Green Man Gaming has a 20% discount on the $50 price. $40 sure beats the $70 you'll pay directly via steam.

        Cheers mate, will take a look and buy for when i have time to play... mind you thats how my steam collection has gotten so large... 370 games, with only 71 played is a bit much lol.

          The current discount is only open to the 19th but they seem to discount fairly regularly and their prices seem to beat steam a lot of the time anyway, which is weird considering all they do is give you a code to redeem the game via steam anyway.

    Nothing I want this week, maybe I'll find time to play more than the tutorial of X-Com or even start on Dishonored before Halo 4 comes out.

    Bait and switch! I got all excited that Forza was coming out this week.

    Nothing for the next couple of weeks, but I will be hit hard in the week commencing October 29th.

    Both, Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed : Liberation. Although the bonus of having only about $50 to pay on both special editions is good.

    Also, depending on who you believe, it's also possible that Need For Speed : Most Wanted (1st Nov @ Wiki & JB) and LEGO Lord Of The Rings (30th Oct @ Wiki) might also be out.

    Though, Google states 15th Nov for NFS and JB has Dec for LEGO, so it's all over the shop.

    I like me some vehicular combat, so I want Ravaged to be good.

    Of Orcs and Men looks like it could be worth getting in 6 months time.

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