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Another week another big set of releases. We're kinda still in that eye of the storm period — some truly massive hitters are releasing next week — but there are still some pretty important titles being released in the next seven days. So get excited. That's an order!

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress (PC)

What is it? It's one of those games that I had never heard of until I started checking up on this week's releases. It's an RPG of sorts. Should you care? I'd say I'm the wrong person to ask about this one!

Forza Horizon (360)

What is it? New open world racer, but with Forza stuff. Big deal. Arguably the biggest release this week. Should you care? Yes. Reviews have been very strong, and it's Forza!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the new Medal of Honor! Pretty big deal! Should you care? Depends on whether you liked the last one. I wasn't the biggest fan, but it was hardly a bust. Might be right up your alley.

Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask

What is it? Wow. This is coming out this week? It is! Awesome. Should you care? You should definitely care.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D (3DS)

What is it? It's that game, only in 3D! Should you care? I don't. Not really.

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita)

What is it? It's the latest Street Fight title release on PS Vita. Should you care? Yeah, it's a good fighter. Folks had their issues, but I enjoyed it.


    I enjoyed the first MoH, but I only paid $5 for it.

    Seriously considering Forza as I never got the last instalment, but there is just too much gaming to be done already. New cod next month (yes we all know i will brainlessly spend way too many hours on that) Plus Hawken opening up in Decemeber, as well as my current back log of games.

    What a bumper few weeks. After getting Forza 4 last year i wasn't keen on picking up Horizon just a year later. But the demo was just so impressive - no video will sell this game you have to play the demo and your hands on this game to see if it's right for you - that i pre-ordered the collectors edition next day.

    So Forza Horizon this week, Assassin's Creed 3 next week (which i still get more excited for with every new bit of media i see), Halo 4 the week after (which after showing no excitement for at announcement is now easily my second most anticipated game this year behind AC3) and Black Ops 2 the week after that...

    Things going to get busy....

    I'm surprised people are even mentioning Forza 4 when talking about Forza Horizon, they're completely different. Horizons is a (modern) Need for Speed game, simple as that. Right down to the fast and the furious ricer culture where cars are covered in tacky vinyl, women wear little clothing and people listen to dance music 24/7 (thank the maker the demo doesn't have any dubstep). About as far as you can get from Forza's serious racing...

    Last edited 22/10/12 11:05 am

      I failed to see any 'ricer' aspect in the demo. Even so, it is a racing game, so GTFO if you are going to whinge about a particular group of cars.

      Forza 4 was a let down to me, exactly the same as Forza 3 but with literally a few new tracks and some new cars and slightly better graphics.I am hoping Horizons will be a new experience.

        If by new experience you mean like need for speed then yes!

    Not a week for me then.. Next month will be another big month though.. Far Cry 3.. Baldur's Gate Enhanced (for iPad and others).. yeh.. bring on November.

    I was really looking forward to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D. I mean, who wouldn't? I new roller coaster tycoon game! Then a few months ago the previews started popping up... They took what could have been a great, fun game and totally ruined it by completely taking away any reason to play sandbox mode. What's the point if you can only have a certain number of things down on the ground, and you can't manage your money or the people or anything? They focused on a stupid story mode that nobody actually wants to play. I might pick it up if I see it going for $10 somewhere.

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