This Week In Games: Dishonored and XCOM!

It’s packed this week. A veritable lucky dip of big releases across multiple different genres. You’ll most likely find something you love in this week’s batch of new releases, but there’s also sure to be something you’d rather ignore. Dishonored, XCOM, Pokemon Black & White 2. It’s a big week.

But it’s a strange week. Depending on your tastes it may be the week you spend all of your money, or the week where you take a quick gander, turn your nose up and say, ‘nah’…

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (PC)

What is it? A series based on a board game with a pretty fanatical following. Should you care? If you're into that sort of thing? Totally.

Dishonored (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It’s a big one. Many people’s pick for possible game of the year. Should you care? Dishonored is bold and innovative, but pays homage to landmark games of the past. I think you have to play this one.

Fable: The Journey (360)

What is it? That Kinect Fable game everyone was disappointed to see at E3 a couple of years back. Should you care? I'm finding it difficult to get motivated for this one to be honest.

Myst 3D (3DS)

What is it? Myst. In 'glorious' 3D. Should you care? I had no idea this was coming out. But yeah, Myst is good.

Of Orcs And Men (PC)

What is it? An RPG of sorts. Should you care? I'm going to say no.

Pokemon Black and White Version 2 (DS)

What is it? It’s Pokemon. Should you care? You already know whether you care or not!

Rugby League Live 2 (360/PS3)

What is it? Strewth! It’s an Australian made NRL game that probably should have release a couple of weeks ago when we were all caught up in Grand Final fever. Should you care? If you’re a big fan of the sport, then I say yes. You should totally care.

Worms Revolution (PC)

What is it? It's worms. You know it. Should you care? Yeah, another Worms game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It’s probably the release you guys are all most excited about. A pretty big deal. Should you care? Not my cup of tea, personally. I just haven't spent enough time with the series. But yes, you should probably care. A lot. Actually, I should probably give it a bash regardless.


    Dishonored and XCOM for me. Would love to buy a new Fable game, but it won't be this one alas.

    "The return of"....?! ;)

    Excited to see how XCOM and Dishonored go.

    Going to get Pokemon White & Black 2 and Dishonored myself, should be a decent time sink while waiting for the big november releases.

    WHOA!! Myst on the 3DS >.> im actually interested in this.. Also pokemon :) cant go wrong there.
    I love besthedas games but im actually not even that interested in dishonored just because it looks like its using Skyrims game engine and if thats anything to go by buggy as hell on PS3

      It's not being made by Bethesda, only being published by them, and if I recall correctly the game runs on a modified branch of the Unreal 3 Engine.

    That's Rugby League Live _2_ by the way. Doesn't look too bad, more features than the previous edition.

    I don't know anything about dishonored except that I'm buying it and it's a Bethesda game. My wife and I are deliberately avoiding info on the game so we can be surprised.

    I want to pick up X-Com, but I think that'll have to wait until pay day. It doesn't come out until Friday anyway as far as I know, and I think I get paid Friday night.

    Edit: Wait, Mark, there seems to be a typo in the article. Someone reading your comments might derive the conclusion that you are not fond of the X-Com games, and that is frankly ludicrous.

    Last edited 08/10/12 10:29 am

      It's a Bethesda published game... unless that's what you mean... but they didn't develop the game, so would seem rather unimportant.

      Also Mark, Of Orcs and Men actually looks pretty interesting on paper, it's a pity there's been basically no coverage of it, I hope it turns out to be a niche sleeper and not a badly made mess.

        I know it's only Bethesda published, but if it's got their name on it I'm prepared to assume it'll be pretty good.

      Dishonored is Bethesda published only not developed. Bethesda's publish only track record hasn't been good but Dishonored might break that record.

        They've picked a winner here, Arkane studios know stealth like the back of their hand, having made Dark Messiah before and having staff who worked on Thief, Deus Ex and Half-Life.

        It's going to be a fantastic game.

          No mention of Arx Fatalis? That alone is reason to try this baby out!
          Ironically the fact Bethesda are only publishing and no developing is the only reason I dropped the money on it :P

          Yeah I would of guessed Dark Messiah Guys making it I loved the game but its a pity it bugged out on me so far late into the game it killed the whole game for me :c

          There was like pieces of a spider statue you had to place orbs into and 1 of them disappeared after placing into the statue and it didn't let me ever continue.

        Really? I thought Fallout New Vegas was excellent.

          Wasn't a fan of New Vegas got a glitch that wouldn't let me do any quests.

            Hm, that might actually be a flat battery on your controller rather than a glitch...

    Sorry guys -- I was super late today as a result of stupid Trains. Fixed stuff up. Thanks for that guys. :)

      Admit it - you fell asleep listening to Potaku and ended up in Gosford...

      Mark, I made this (in Paint lol) for my gamer group on FB:

      I do one every week for upcoming games during the silly season. Let me know if you want each one for these posts.

    Might wait for a Steam sale for XCOM. Very interested in Dishonored, but not sure I need it just yet. Again, may wait.

      FYI currently has it 10% off (so $45 instead of $50 USD), and they've got a 25% off PC titles promo running, so you can get it for $33.75.

      I'm awfully tempted to do it now because I don't know how long that 25% off is good for, but sensible me says I should avoid tempting fate and wait for pay day.

        I was tempted by that, but I really can't justify buying it. I've got the Total War games from Empire onwards sitting in my Steam Library as yet untouched...

        You get an extra copy of Civ5 as well for the price if you preorder, so =WIN

          Civ5 < civ4 :(

        25% off expires today sometime.

        And there's a demo! I played the demo and just managed to pick my face up off the floor long enough to go onto GMG and preorder.

        Last edited 08/10/12 12:47 pm

    Pokemon \o/

    Gonna wait for reviews before I try out Dishonored.

      I tried to do that for Dead island and Donkey Kong Country Wii and the games sold out in the first week -.- and the reviews were extremely inaccurate as you can tell from Deal Islands reviews.

      Just give up like me and buy it.

        Nintendo love that false shortage. Not going to happen with a multi platform game!

    I recall seeing Myst 3D already out on the weekend. Maybe it's just my imagination but I wasn't drunk at that time.

    Definitely XCOM. This should be it but I'm tempted to get Dishonored as well.

    I don't understand why there isn't more excitement for Dishonoured. Do people not remember how great the Thief games were?

    Or is what some people say true and stealth is not actually that popular of a genre.

    Either way I've preordered it and am sure as hell excited to play it come Thursday.

    I'll be waiting for the steam sale before i pick up dishonored, after the Bullshit that happened ( and is still happening for PS3 Users) with the Skyrim DLCs and the fact that bethesda is applying the australia tax to us, ill wait until its 40AUD before i pick it up.

      It is $40... on ozgameshop.... and well.... I'll be playing it on PC

    Isn't it interesting how, since the strategy XCOM was announced, everyone has forgotten about the FPS XCOM? Is that still a thing? Last time I heard about it, it had been delayed until next year or something.
    But will be grabbing Dishonoured and XCOM this weekend when I hit up Melbourne.

      There was an article about it last week on Kotaku, they're retooling it to be third person!

        Ah, I was out of commission with flu last week. That explains it.

    I will be waiting on reviews for Dishonored and Xcom. That said, Xcom looks right up my alley.

    "That Kinect Fable game everyone was disappointed to see at E3 a couple of years back." Pretty much sums that up perfectly.

    Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting Thursday for Dishonored.

    I think I'm one of the few who has zero care factor for Dishonoured... Don't know why, but the rabid fanboyism for Bethesda amazes me (considering how much shit fanboys get for other franchises/developers)... I'm gonna say it, Bethesda games don't excite me, I find them boring and tedious.

      Thanks for sharing. Your lack of enthusiasm is very important and we are all very grateful for your constructive input.

        Meh, just fitting in with the other negative comments that other people dish out on other devs... At least my input was constructive and not just "lol, bethesda suck"

          Read your comment again. It's not constructive. You don't have any points regarding ways to improve their games. You just say they are boring and you don't like them or their fans.

      Dude, I dislike pretty much EVERYTHING that Bethesda have done. I refuse to play Skyrim, I didn't like Fallout and thought RAGE was absolutely retarded.

      Having said that, I will be buying Dishonored the second it is available.

      edit: I've actually had it on pre-order for months.

      Last edited 08/10/12 12:27 pm

      Bethesda is only publishing the game as far as I know. They had no creative input.
      I hate all their recent games too, but I'm confident they won't wreck this one.

      Essentially - this game as bugger all to do with Bethesda and if that's clouding your opinion then you need to do more research imo =)

        I've watched the trailers, the game itself is of no interest to me... I'm amazed to see some people putting so much faith in it because of the publisher.

      I referred to Skyrim as having the depth of a puddle. I'm there with you. Giant world, awful combat, paper-thin story, NPCs who repeat nonsensical lines over ad over ("A healing spell? Are you a priest?" YOU HAVE SEEN ME CAST IT 500 TIMES!) repetitive side quests with a handful of exceptions...

      ...but Dishonoured doesn't look like an Elder Scrolls game, it looks like Deus Ex. Bethesda are just publishing, I believe, not designing.

      That said, I'm waiting for reviews and early feedback before buyng Dishonoured. Besides, I'll be buying X-Com for sure, so Dishonoured would only be sitting on the shelf for a month anyway.

      I agree. Early on, i was excited for Dishonored as it sounded similar to Mirrors Edge. But as time went on it started to bring back flashbacks of that dark messiah game, which was terribly boring for me. And yep, Bethesda developed games bore me to death and the games they merely publish have been horrid.

    Dishonored looks kick butt awesome.

    XCOM this week for sure. Dishonored when I have spare cash!

    So tempted to get Dishonoured while its $40 on GMG but money is low and pile of shame is high.

    Also WRC 3 is released on the 12th which I pre-ordered.

      The only thing stopping me is that Dishonored looks amazing in the screenshots I've seen and I'm guessing that's the PC version. My PC isn't fast enough even on minimum so I need to wait for reports of how it runs on Xbox or wait for a demo to see how it goes on my PC.

    got worms and xcom ordered (xcom preloaded even)... i am not much into turn based strat but i played the demo and was interested enough to pick it up from GMG :D

    I'm going to wait on Dishonored. it is quite an ambitious game, and I'm scared they may not pull it off. I'll wait for a Frankenreview methinks.

    Worms Revolution looks excellent. I really think they're trying to do better with this one. Worms is always good but they haven't done anything special in a while. For this one they've got the brilliant Matt Berry on board and also have Andy Davidson again, who hasn't been involved since Worms Armageddon!

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