This Week In The Business: 'The Days Of Kevin Butler Are Over'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "The days of Kevin Butler are over." — Scott Steinberg, talking along with other PR and marketing experts about Sony's future PlayStation strategy now that Kevin Butler is most likely dead.

QUOTE | "Microsoft and its next generation Xbox appears to offer up the most ambitious plans for a console operating system going forward." — Rich Leadbetter, Eurogamer's technology expert, talking about why Wii U dedicates 1GB to its background operating system and how Microsoft's Durango could see that double.

QUOTE | "Let's just make a f***ing game." — Veteran game maker Stuart Black reveals his new indie studio and talks about his being sick of politicking at companies.

QUOTE | "The Windows Store is largely a consequence of Windows 8's own identity crisis." — Former editor Rob Fahey talking about the problems for developers and consumers dealing with Windows 8 and the Windows Store.

STAT | 24 per cent — The big declines at US retail for the video game industry in September, according to The NPD Group; total sales came to just $US848.3 million.

QUOTE | "Freemium is the most radical form of entertainment socialism since Obama got elected." — Scott Dodson, chief product officer of Bobber Interactive, talking about the ethical questions raised by free-to-play during a GDC Online panel.

QUOTE | "I predict that, moving forward, even triple-A titles will be shifting toward play-for-free." — Toylogic president Yoichi Take, who just released the first ever F2P game on Xbox Live, Happy Wars, talks about the increasingly popular business model.

STAT | 1.4 million — The number of copies Borderlands 2 sold at retail on consoles in the US during its first month, which is up a whopping 234 per cent over Borderlands.

QUOTE | "When the hardcore fans are satisfied, I think [Wii U] sales are going to drop precipitously." — Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter talking about the problems he's anticipating for Nintendo's Wii U compared to the huge success that was the Wii.

STAT | 40 per cent — The percentage of US teens who now own an iPhone, according to research firm Piper Jaffray, which says that Apple is "the preeminent technology brand for teens".

QUOTE | "We've got crazy ideas that will take us through another 20 years of development." — Jonathan Lander of CCP talking about the huge lifespan he expects for new first-person shooter Dust 514, which should long outlive the PS3 itself.

QUOTE | "It's all about that suspension of disbelief." — Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series, returns to gaming after producing a number of movies, and talks about his new project, Star Citizen.

QUOTE | "Apple's Draconian approach is why they provide products and ecosystems that are generally superior to their competition." — DirkKnemeyer, Founder & Chairman, Involution Studios, talking with other iOS game developers about Apple's approach to App Store management and how it affects devs.

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    Comment for the retail sales declining. Isnt it obvious when this year there was not much great game comes out except the usual milking titles.

      I have to agree - this was a really slow year compared to last.

    "40 per cent — The percentage of US teens who now own an iPhone"

    Bull. F**king. S**t.

    “Freemium is the most radical form of entertainment socialism since Obama got elected.”

    What the hell? The US President is responsible for advertising trends in game development? What a crackpot.

    NPD figures are meaningless and I wish people would stop treating them as any kind of market indicator. They only count retail box games - not digital download, or freemium, microtransaction, subscription, MMOs, or App Store sales - such as iOS, Google Play, Xbox & PS3 marketplaces. These are all huge marketplaces and growing rapidly as well, tracking the decline of NPD is nothing more than tracking the transition to digital distribution.

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