This Week In... Wait. Assassin's Creed 3?

I'm dropping the ball. In a sleepy haze this morning, I thought Assassin's Creed 3 was next week, and Halo 4 was this week. I need to sharpen up! Because it's the other way around. Assassin's Creed 3 is set for release tomorrow. I'm going to put all professionalism to one side and say... yes. I am on the hype-train.

007 Legends (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's a James Bond game. Yay? Should you care? Reviews have been a little lacklustre.

Assassin's Creed 3 (360/PS3)

What is it? Hype-train. Should you care? ALL ABOOOOOOARD! CHOO CHOO!

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation (PS Vita)

What is it? A fully, from the ground up Assassin's Creed for PS Vita. Should you care? If you have a PS Vita you'd be crazy to ignore it.

Football Manager 2013 (PC)

What is it? A maddeningly detailed management sim. Should you care? I haven't played one of these games in years, but I hear this one is the best.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park Limited Edition (3DS)

What is it? I don't really know much about this. Should you care? Honestly, no idea. I'm guessing no.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? New Need for Speed — from Criterion. Should you care? Absolutely.

Primal Carnage (PC)

What is it? An online PVP shooter... with Dinosaurs. Should you care? Interesting concept...

Transformers Prime (Wii)

What is it? A game... for the Wii? Should you care? Nah.



    Need For Speed: Most Wanted is also out this week too!

      WTF?! I thought it was late november... like the 20-somethingth?

      Dammit! Going away this weekend... might have to leave it until next week.

    Hmm how long do pc users have to wait for Ass 3?

      Steam has it for November release, not set date

      november 23 is the current release date.

    Can someone scout for a store that's broken street date? I'm jonesing for this.

      Hopefully Kotaku will post a story if this happens, fingers crossed!

    I'll be getting Vita and Xbox AC3 games, I actually brought my Vita on Friday the storehand said it's the first 3G model they ever sold -.- I've been trying to chug my way through Uncharted:Abyss, Vita games are alot longer than I expected.

    Definately looking foreward to Wednesday.

    Isn't Assassin's Creed 3 out on Wednesday?

      Midnight launch

        My point is the article says the game comes out tomorrow, Tuesday, like most games do. But all Aussie retailers say Wednesday. S unless Kotaku knows something they all don't I'm confused.

        By the way I hope it breaks street date tomorrow anyway.

          I doubt it will break street date EB Games has already set up state wide midnight launches and I hear they were pretty pissed off about the Battlefield 3 break so distributors might tread lightly.

            You're probably right, the midnight launch is a big deal at the moment. But all it takes is for K-Mart or Target to put it out then EB is obliged to.

            I get Tuesdays and Wednesdays off work so it normally works out well for me so I don't want to wait till Wednesday, half my weekend is over by then.

            Street dates aren't usually broken by EB first. It's usually the larger retailers and then EB follow suit after getting the go-ahead from their HQ. I'm betting stock will arrive at stores late today, definitely during tomorrow at the latest. I reckon street date will be broken then. I'll be ringing my local stores asking for it tomorrow.

          US release is 30th October.
          Aus release is 31st October.
          I suspect the confusion arises due to the fact that this story originates from Kotaku US.

            I thought Mark was an Aussie

            Also, US 30th October and Aus 31st October are pretty much the same thing.

    Accidentally ordered the wrong version of Asscreed 3. Cancelled said order.. Will grab it whenever my refund gets wired back. But lookin' forward to it!

    Does anyone know what is meant to be better to play first, liberation or acreed3? i'm getting acreed3 for pc so i have to wait for that anyway, but has anyone heard if one should be played before the other?

      I think they're just separate stories with the occasional crossover, I'd play AC3 first :)

      I think they both exist in the same time as one another, but not entirely sure.

      I know that you'll cross paths with the ACIII protagonist in Libertation. Not sure if it's the other way round.

      EDIT: Apparently AC3 starts 15 years before Liberation but they are both set to end in the same year.

      Last edited 29/10/12 10:48 am

    Mark, Most Wanted is coming out for Vita alongside the console versions. It's supposedly the exact same game.

    Excited for Assassins Creed: Liberation on Vita, but I will have to wait until Thursday for the digital release, and that's if I am lucky they don't screw it up, ala' ST x Tekken last week... PSN release same day as digital? I will bet my first born this doesn't happen...

    Need for Speed : Most Wanted is also out on PS Vita this week. It's the exact same game (feature for feature apparently) as the console versions so it's probably worth mentioning that it's coming out ;)

      Someone already mentioned bad.

        Whoa. Your name is spelt the same way as mine. I hardly ever see anyone else with one A!

    Can't wait for AC3, but still on the fence about Liberation... Can anyone name five games that would make the purchase worth it? Apart from LBP, Rayman or similar - I have no interest in 2D/pseudo-2D platformers. I can count one that's released (Uncharted), and two with releases in the next few weeks (Liberation and NFS look pretty good), plus there's supposedly a Bioshock game on the way (eventually)... That's three definites and a maybe. I figure five games outstrips the cost of the handheld itself, so I feel less guilty for getting one... And I really want to play Liberation :P

    Edit: Thanks to @aliasalpha and @distantdrop for your suggestions and patience. I think I can justify getting a Vita for five definites and three maybes. (Uncharted, Liberation, NFS (forthcoming), Gravity Rush and AC: Bloodlines (via PSN); New Little King's Story, Killzone (forthcoming), Bioshock (forthcoming)).

    Last edited 29/10/12 5:45 pm

      Gravity Rush is a pseudo-2D platformer I honestly reckon its the best game on Vita why do you have no interest in platformers? they are atleast worth a try.

        Gravity Rush is about as 3D as a videogame can's a huge open world game with really tight controls. It's awesome.

          Whenever I think 3D i disclude 3D modelling but I guess if you were to define it to a customer you would call it a 3D platformer however it isn't true 3D.

          Just a difference in interpretation.

        I've given them a try, and I've just found they're not for me. In general, I find them tedious at best, frustrating at worst, so I just avoid them instinctively nowadays. Mark of the Ninja's alright, but I still find I can't play for more than an hour or so without looking for something else to do. Nothing against the games, but they're not my cup of tea is all.
        Edit: That said, after looking at some of the gameplay for Gravity Rush - it looks interesting. I'd not say it's pseudo-2D at all (what I mean by "2D/pseudo-2D" is probably better encapsulated by "sidescroller", I guess).

        Last edited 29/10/12 11:27 am

      Definitely add another vote for Gravity Rush, its definitely one of the real gems on the Vita that I've played.

      Killzone Mercenary is also looking pretty promising if you're interested in FPS'

        Hmm I said definitely twice, do they cancel each other out?

        Hmm... I've not had good experiences with FPS on handhelds in the past, but maybe the second analogue stick will make a difference. Never really been a fan of the Killzone series, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for mentioning it, tho; I'd not heard about it.
        Gravity Rush looks pretty good, so that's four definites and two maybes...

          Maybe we can break the chain, Persona 4 Golden is coming out eventually and from what I hear New Little Kings story(RPG) is decent never played it myself but perhaps a Kotaku reader will recommend.

          Last edited 29/10/12 11:58 am

            NLKS looks pretty interesting.
            One thing I've been burned by JRPGs is their length, tho - I never finished Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, or any FF game because they tended to drag on after about the 30hr mark. Turn-based combat was the killer for me, I think, as after that long, it just feels repetitive.

      I play WipEout 2048 all the time, it's fantastic, and pretty cheap at the moment. love the music, graphics are stunning, and it just feels so right

        I believe that also comes free with 3G models when you activate your sim, unsure if that costs money however.

        Wow... that brings back memories (more of F-Zero X, tho :P)... another one for the list! Might pick up a Vita today, and put a (somewhat late) preorder down for Liberation for the bonus DLC.

    I know some people would like the street date broken for AC3, but we haven't had a midnight release since Mass Effect 3. I would like to go to one. I know it'll happen for Halo 4 and I'll be there. Of course it will happen for CoD but I have better things to do.

    So far it's been exciting!...with an early twist!...and Lock Picking for no reason! and you can pat Cats! Everyone get it!

    I was excited for Assassin's Creed 3 until about a month ago, when I remembered I still haven't finished Revelations because ot was so tremendously dull. Why AC3 looks more fresh, it's slipped to my 'later' list, for when I burn myself out on CoDBlOps2 and Halo 4. For now i'm still playing a lot of Borderlands and X-Com.

    I actually think Black Ops 2 might be my last major release title for 2012, assuming I don't pick up AC3 or RE6 as a late Christmas gift for myself and the wife.

      AC3 doesn't look fresh enough, so you'll wait until you finish BlOps2?
      That...doesn't make sense.

        I know, I know, even as I typed that I knew someone would call me on it.

        The Black Ops 2 campaign actually looks interesting this time around, instead of the mish-mash of set pieces of the original. Furthermore, I want to have a multiplayer title on hand to play with friends - between Halo 4 and Black Ops, I'm pretty much covered. As much as I disliked Black Ops, I regretted trading it in and being unable to play it with friends.

        Assassin's Creed 3 can wait until I'm less busy, and maybe it'll push me to finish Revelations in the interim, Black Ops - I want to be more or less on top of that from day one.

    My wallet am broke! Actually, it shouldn't be that bad as I have most of the purchases partially paid off.

    Assassin's Creed 3
    Assassin's Creed : Liberation
    Need For Speed : Most Wanted (Console version, though I could be tempted for double dipping somewhere down the track, Cross-Buy would have been the icing though!)

    Plus, PSN should have Okami HD also, hopefully AU gets Retro City Rampage finally also!

      I'd read somewhere that Retro City Rampage was never getting an AU release due to the cost to have it classified by the OFLC.

      Here is the link:

      Edit: It seems its only getting a local Vita release :(

      Last edited 29/10/12 2:03 pm

        You know, it would be nice if when they started promoting it on the various blogs and so forth they would be up front about things like that.

        That being said, this isn't that distressful, simply because I basically only wanted the game on the Vita, I don't expect I would have played the console version and wanted it for train trips. So yes, hopefully it will be this week!

    Primal Carnage. chances are its gonna be shite, but I'm willing to give it a go. Because dinosaurs.
    Now if only it had bot support...

    Although AC3 does look more interesting than the last couple its on my "when on sale" list

    Why release AC Liberation and AC3 on the same day. Who is going pick Liberation over 3?

      Me. I don't have time to play AC3 yet, but I can knockout Liberation on my trips to and from work and training, as well as my weekend travels to the blue mountains. I'm what it was designed for... AC3 will be a joy to play later on, when time permits.

      There won't be a pick either, most people who have a PS Vita are in desperate need for games and will most likely get both IMO.

      I'm getting both. AC3 for 360 and Liberation for Vita. Also, the prices are $58 for Liberation and $68 for AC3 at big w if anyone wants to know.

    WWE 13 & Dragonball Z: Budokai HD Collection are also out this week

    Nothing to interest me here, but I swear okami hd was supposed to have been released on psn around this time, time to investigate.

      For anyone interested it looks like okami hd does come out this week.

    AC3 & Liberation.
    Might trade in MoH if I solider through the campaign before Wednesday. The MP is rubbish and I probably wouldn't touch it again after I'm done.

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