This Week’s Android Charts: This Little Piggy Went To Minecraft

Yesterday we brought back the weekly top 10 iPhone app chart. Today we debut the Android version, which is a lot like the iPhone one only you can hack it easier and it doesn't involve dealing with Apple.

Yes, this is the sort of list you can get by hitting up Google Play and clicking about a few times, but it's just the first one. Next week we can start tracking trends, monitoring rank slippage and generally getting all analytical up in here. Today we'll just make snide comments.

Top Paid Android Games - 10/17/2012

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

We'll be seeing a lot of Minecraft in this spot. I'm pretty sure it's been sitting here since the day it was released.

Minecraft Pocket Edition on Google Play

2. Angry Birds Space Premium Edition

There's a free version that we'll be touching on shortly, but some people just really like giving Rovio money, and Rovio is OK with that.

Angry Birds Space Premium on Google Play

3. Where's My Water?

Disney's fluid dynamics puzzler — there's a phrase I never thought I'd find myself writing — where was I?

Where's My Water? on Google Play

4. Cut the Rope

That the ridiculously awesome Om Nom is not at the very top of not just this but every list imaginable boggles the mind.

Cut the Rope on Google Play

5. Where's My Perry?

Otherwise known as a number three with a side of Phineas and Ferb.

Where's My Perry on Google Play

6. Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt is the Need for Speed of the mobile gaming world. Did you know the franchise first launched on the Nokia N-Gage? True facts.

Asphalt 7: Heat on Google Play

7. World of Goo

The indie game that proves that Android gamers have much better taste than iOS gamers.

World of Goo on Google Play

8. Draw Something

Ah, so this is where all the Draw Something players went.

Draw Something on Google Play

9. Grand Theft Auto III

It's heartening that more than a decade after its original release people are still recognising the greatness of Grand Theft Auto III.

Grand Theft Auto III on Google Play

10. Fruit Ninja

I'm not sure if people really love ninjas or people really hate fruit. Either way, Fruit Ninja wins.

Fruit Ninja on Google Play

But wait, there's more! We've also got a list of the top 10 free Android games! Now how much would you pay?

Free. They are free.

Top Free Android Games - 10/17/2012

1. Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is free on Android. You should sell your iPhone and buy an Android to take advantage of the savings.

Bad Piggies on Google Play

2. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is also free on Android. I hear GameStop will let you trade in your iPhone for an Android tablet.

Jetpack Joyride on Google Play

3. Angry Birds

Did you know you can now buy Angry Birds on consoles for $US30.00? How does that even make sense?

Angry Birds on Google Play

4. Temple Run

From the creators of Temple Run t-shirts!

Temple Run on Google Play

5. Flow Free

Color puzzler Flow Free occupies the same spot on the free Android charts as it does on the free iPhone charts. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Flow Free on Google Play

6. Zombie Frontier

"Experience the joy of firing wildly" reads the official description for Zombie Frontier. That's a joy we all need to experience.

Zombie Frontier on Google Play

7. Words with Friends

Making Alec Baldwin go insane on an aeroplane is the gift that never stops giving.

Words with Friends on Google Play

8. Big Win Football

Because every app chart post needs a football game.

Big Win Football on Google Play

9. Air Hockey Deluxe

The national pastime gets its due.

Air Hockey Deluxe on Google Play

10. Fruit Ninja Free

For the people unsure that they want to commit to all of this Fruit Ninjary.

Fruit Ninja Free on Google Play

Join us next week for another exciting episode of Angry Birds and friends!


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