Thought You Waited Ages For Black Mesa?

Thought You Waited Ages For Black Mesa?

Spare a thought for those that were holding out for a sequel to Half-Life mod Natural Selection!

Natural Selection 2 comes out today, after being in development for six years, but it’s actually been over 10 years since the first game was released.

Despite being the sequel to a Half-Life mod, Natural Selection 2 actually made the switch from being developed on Source to an engine called ‘Spark’, an engine created by the development team themselves. Pretty impressive undertaking, which might account for the slight delay!

Anyways, you can totally check the game out now on Steam. Head here for more information.

Thanks Kotaku US!


  • I pre-ordered this way back on pre-order day (May 2009 I think?). Been playing the alpha and beta a fair bit since that time and I really hope it does well.

  • Those that pre-ordered it early (before Sept) have been able to play progressive pre-Alpha, Alpha & Beta versions of it since April 2010. But many have indeed been holding out for 1.0 and those who pre-ordered after Sept missed the Beta.

    By the way It’s the Top Seller on Steam right now. 🙂

  • Downloaded my copy yesterday.
    Never played the original and haven’t had a chance to try NS2.
    Got it for free too, so if I don’t like it… all good.
    A friend randomly had a copy sitting in his Steam gifts and gave it to me. 🙂
    I’m a fan of these ‘mixed’ team style multiplayer games… Splinter Cell, AvP, etc.

    Snagged Primal Carnage to take a look at too. :p

  • I’ve always wanted to watch myself eating people through my own mouth (Beetlejuice anyone), so Im thinking i might have to get onboard with this one.

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