THQ Asia Pacific Closes Australian Offices

We've just received word from THQ that it will be closing its local Australian offices in Melbourne over the coming months, handing all distribution responsibilities to All Interactive Entertainment.

"The evolution of our distribution model in the Asia Pacific region will allow us to increase our reach with a lower cost model," said Ian Curran, THQ’s EVP, Global Publishing. "AIE is a trusted business partner with whom we have worked with for many years as our distributor in New Zealand. We believe the company will benefit from AIE’s backing and comprehensive distribution network across Australia."

An estimated 18 jobs will be affected by this outcome, which follows a number of redundancies in THQ's Australian offices over the past year. In January 14 staff were made redundant as THQ attempted to cut costs throughout its operation. The AIE seems to be an attempt to continue to streamline its local operation.

The Director of AIE, Robert Kingston said he was looking forward to handling THQ's releases in the near future.

"We are delighted to broaden our relationship with a top publisher such as THQ," he said. "We look forward to bringing THQ’s highly-anticipated new video game releases and existing game portfolio to our retail network in the territory."

Best wishes to those affected by the news.


    As one of the people who lost their job with THQ in Jan and having many good friends that lost their job today, I hope THQ dies a quick death or Mr Farrell grows some balls and resigns!

      A few friends of mine also were in the same position & each of them have now either moved out of town or overseas to find work. Stupid THQ took my friends away from me :(

    A shame. Hopefully the people can find new work in a more stable industry.

    I seriously wanna boycott WWE 13, just on principle.... and for me, a long time wrestling fan, thats a big call.

    It may be the GFC, and it may be bbusiness, but it still sucks balls.

    A real shame for the Austrlian games industry; AIE have picked up a few publishers now, very ballsy in this market; be interesting to see how they're going in 12 months

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