Time To Get In Your Mech Suit And Save A Nation

For $US8 you can download a game called Liberation Maiden to the 3DS and then you can experience the probable future of the second president of New Japan hopping into a flying mech in order to shoot at the forces of an evil empire that has taken over old Japan.

It's not this premise that compelled me to give the new game a shot. Technically, it was the fact that the game's publisher sent me a code and that I'd heard that Suda 51's Grasshopper Manufacture studio had something to do with this game. But if you're expecting Killer 7-style weirdness, go elsewhere. This is an arcade shooter, sort of in the style of Sin & Punishment or even a Panzer Dragoon. We shot eight minutes of video of the game in action so you could make sense of things. Enjoy!


    With all the cool games you review, do you think its worth picking up a 3DS? Or maybe would i be better off going for a Vita?

    Traditional Japanese female pilot camera angle early on there...

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