Time To Overdose On Awesome Plastic

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Bandai's annual Tamashii Nations figure event steamrolls Tokyo. Do you like collectable, plastic friends? Then this might be the event for you.

On display were an array of Japanese figures, ranging from super heroes to heroines, as well as robots and monsters. Websites Moeyo and Gigazine were on hand to check out the festivities. Have a look at what was on display in the above gallery.

「ZZガンダム」「クスィーガンダム」「フルアクションVer.」など [Moeyo]

セーラームーンシリーズ始動! [Moeyo]

「キュアピース」とか「黄色」とか「黄瀬やよい」とか 「Girlsエリア」 [Moeyo]

「ゴッドイーター アリサ」「閃乱カグラ 雪泉」など 「Girlsエリア」 [Moeyo]

ロボット、美少女、特撮ヒーローらが600体以上集結した [Gigazine]

(Top photo: Moeyo)
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    Godzilla looks like he's about to get an arse kicking!

    My jaw dropped when I saw Akibaranger on Kotaku, I had to double check the URL make sure I wasn't on the wrong website

    Damn I loved that show

    Oh wow, that Putotyranno OOO's figurine is beautiful <3 Another awesome looking SIC that I don't have the money for :( Damn you Japan, damn you.

    Is.... that a Mech made out of Disney Robots??

      Its actually Disney Voltron!!!
      The official Voltron Twitter was all over it last week.

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