To Fight Crime, You Need An Awesome Batsuit. And To Make Crime?

That cowl. That cape. That utility belt. Whether he's appearing in comics, movies, or video games, Batman is iconic. And so are the memorable bad guys he battles.

The character — and his foes — are a cosplayer favourite. Today, let's take a look at a small slice of some of the best cosplay showing the heroes (and villains) of the Batman universe.

While there are some gender-bending cosplay in this gallery (as well as some reimagining), the female characters will get their own gallery at a later date.

Until then, try to suss out who pulled off the best Batman cosplay. There's some truly impressive work in here.














[Masquerade courtesy of John Brown]












    Medievil Batman is awesome!

    The Joker with a camera reminds me of the Jeff the Killer

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