Tomb Raider's Box Art Resists The Obvious Temptation

We normally only show an upcoming game's cover if one of us takes a liking to it. So, yeah, I quite like Tomb Raider's box art!

Which doesn't surprise me, seeing as I'm a fan of the game's art direction in general ("Uncharted in bad weather"), but with a prominent female lead there was still the possibility Eidos' PR would ruin everything by sticking her tits out or having her in a trademark "bum facing the camera" pose. Good to see that hasn't happened.


    Starting to actually take interest in this..

      Same here.

      I've gotten a couple of the TR games as part of bundles previously and never really enjoyed them.

      This looks like a lot of fun.

        I tried the demo out a while back, feels very solid.
        Imagine Uncharted style climbing but with a light RPG style progression system.

          "RPG style progression system".


          Hell, put RPG elements into anything and it will just make things so much more enjoyable.

    I like the logo art too, simple but strong. Can't wait to play this!

    I do like it, however it looks a little to dreary. Maybe that's best considering the tone of the game though.

    Let's hope it's an improvement on all post-TR3 Tomb Raider games.
    Though I didn't mind Underworld, but it was pretty buggy and random at times... and overall a bit dull.

    felt very solid at EB Expo and that was an early build... can't wait :D

    Looks excellent. I'm very happy with the direction they're going - and the cover design is fantastic. Would be happy to display it.

    Very intriguing and tasteful.

    Well, they didn't cut her head off this time. I guess that's an improvement.

    Dang, that looks nice son

    I quite like this cover. Good contrast and it's tasteful, I've only played the earlier Tomb Raiders but I'm quite interested in this game from what I've seen so far.

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