Transform Grand Theft Auto IV Into Zelda, Mass Effect, TMNT Or Halo

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV allows for mods. We've shown you some of these before. But I've never seen a collection so diverse, and so impressive, as that of modder William Peddell.

Posting on the GTA4-MODS forum, he's made a speciality of transforming the game's star into everyone from Zelda's Link to Half-Life's Gordon Freeman through to the... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What's so impressive about them isn't just that they work (these kind of things can often look a little wonky), but that they're so good-looking while they're doing it.

Because these are simple texture swaps, they're not that difficult to get working in your game, so if you want to try something like this out, head to William's GTA4-MODS page below to download and install the skins that take your fancy.

wapeddell [GTA4-MODS]


    "But I’ve never seen a collection so diverse, and so impressive, as that of modder William Peddell."

    Has Plunkett spent more than three minutes browsing through any other game's modding community? This crap is peanuts compared to games with actual, fully-fledged modding communities like Gmod, CS, Skyrim, Fallout, or HL2.

    You see keyboard warriors, I'm not annoyed by these articles. I'm annoyed by the praise that insignificant mods get when people who actually put hours on end into proper mods don't get any recognition.

      The man makes a point, Fallout, Skyrim and the Source engine in general have some great mods that regularly blow my mind. Maybe give us a round up of the best modders on nexus or the best active mods on MODdb or something a bit more encompassing. That said, GTA has a pretty active community and this is the kind of modding people without experience modding their games are likely to use. Plunketts been on the ball lately, I'm going to give him this one.

        Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with these mods in question. But if you're going to showcase mods as simple as this, why not, in addition, showcase the best mods or skins from Gamebanana or Nexus communities, where there is true commercial-level talent going around. Hell, have a monthly article on it. Why the hell not?

          Regular modding articles?

          A thousand times yes.

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