Try Not To Get Yourself Killed In This Dishonored Interactive Trailer

Dying to play Dishonored? This interactive trailer isn't the game, but it might tide you over until Tuesday.

Like other interactive trailers, this set of videos lets you choose your own approach to handle one of the early levels from Dishonored. As such, the trailer contains spoilers for this particular area of the game.

That said, slow and sneaky — my preferred way to play — seems to have much to commend it. The trailer can take a surprisingly long time to play through, if you manage to explore a number of your options without getting yourself into too much trouble.


    I read a comment on Twitter along the lines of Don't play this as it ruins my favourite mission. So, as excited as I am for this game, I won't be loading this interactive trailer up as I'd prefer to experience the game itself.

    Any one know what the code is for?

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