Two More Key Developers Leave BioShock Infinite

Two more developers have left Irrational Game, makers of BioShock Infinite. According to LinkedIn, Artificial intelligence lead Don Norbury and combat design director Clint Bundrick are the latest to depart the Boston-based company.

The changes to their LinkedIn pages were first spotted by Superannuation. (Who, incidentally, shares a lot of that kind of scoopery in a regular column here at Kotaku.)

Norbury and Bundrick's departure comes in the height of crunch-time for the highly anticipated, best-of-E3 award-winning action game. As Kotaku reported in August, the game's development has been less than smooth, and Irrational has seen a string of high-profile departures, including art director Nate Wells and director of product development Tim Gerritsen. At the same time, Irrational recently hired Rod Fergusson away from Epic Games to help get Infinite out the door. The team at Irrational had reportedly been wrestling with ambitious but eventually axed multiplayer modes as well as difficulties with Elizabeth, the game's much-vaunted A.I. companion.

According to their LinkedIn pages, both Norbury and Bundrick have taken positions at Microsoft, which adds an interesting wrinkle to their departures. As Superannuation also pointed out, producer Joe Faulstick also departed Irrational for Microsoft back in May.

When asked about the departures, a spokesperson for Irrational had no comment. Irrational and 2K have been uncharacteristically quiet about BioShock Infinite for most of the past year, though they have been teasing a new trailer for October 21, and the game remains slated for a February 2013 release.

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    Man i hope this game doesnt get axed, or doesnt come out incomplete, i'd be completely ok with pushing it back as long as it gets the proper treatment and comes out a full and complete and as awesome as the trailer made it look.

    Their work is probably done anyway.

    One thing though, what are all these designers doing at Microsoft? I thought Microsoft pretty much stopped making their own games.

      Microsoft created 323 studios did they not?

        Yeah but if they went to 323, they would have said so...

          Wow, Microsoft created 323 studios! That's amazing! And here I thought these guys were going to Microsoft to join 343 Industries!


    I'm seriously looking forward to this game. I was thinking last night, as I played through Dishonored, that Bioshock really changed the landscape of AAA gaming. Now sense of place is treated as an important component of design.

    What I take from this article is... CLEVAGE SHOT!

    Last edited 16/10/12 10:29 am

    A.I. companions do not work, they ruined Resident Evil 5 and made Resident Evil 6 even more of a debacle than it already was. I hate them, I hate them all...

    Close to the end of development, so I don't think there is really an problem.

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