Two Very Important Pokémon Facts

When you play Pokémon — no, when you just think about Pokémon — there are two very important things to keep in mind. You could say they are the most important things to keep in mind.

1. "If you make your pets fight in real life, you'll be arrested." 2. "The police also frown on crushing pets into balls."

Noted and memorised, because these aren't just facts. They're words to live by.

Thanks Nintendo [Becky's Simblr]


    F the police!!

      I choose you, rabid german shepherd!

        A wild Alaskan Malamute appears!

          Wild Alaskan Malamute uses howl.

          It's super effective!

          Lvl 2 Poodle faints!

          Wild Alaskan Malamute uses devour.

          You run away.

    I choose you: recently cloned velociraptor!
    No no! Don't eat everyon!argggrgggh!

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