Two Weird New Games Coming To Vita Very Soon

Believe it or not, the PlayStation Vita has been quietly picking up steam. Two new Vita games from Japan with weird premises and even weirder titles — Dokuro and Orgarhythm — are coming to the US within the next couple of weeks.

First up is Dokuro (pictured above). Out October 16 for $US20 on PSN, it's a puzzle-platformer that requires you to control a little skeleton creature as you help rescue a princess by guiding her past monsters and traps.

Next is Orgarhythm, a weird rhythm-RTS hybrid published by the wonderful folks at XSEED Games. It's out October 23 for $US30. It's... well, you should probably just watch it in action and see for yourself.


    They're pretty pricey. Definitely going to wait for a review before I purchase these on a whim.

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