US Store Sells Assassin's Creed III Early To Beat Hurricane

Assassin's Creed III isn't supposed to be out until tomorrow, but you know what? There are more important things in life than honouring street dates when your town is about to be swallowed up by water.

Reader Andrew says his local game store in New Jersey, knowing they wouldn't be open until at least Wednesday because of Hurricane Sandy closures, figured "screw it" and sold the copies of Assassin's Creed III they had so that people bunkering down could at least bunker down with one of the biggest games of the year.

Stay safe, Andrew! And if you're safe, enjoy!


    That's awesome.

      Good luck playing without power.

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        Are you aware of a machine commonly known as a generator?
        It is a marvel of the modern world.

          yeah ... every second house has one of those -_-

          Yup, generators are awesome for providing power when you have none. And it's a good thing they don't run on fuel because you wouldn't want to waste all of your power in an emergency to power a video game for hours.

            Depends on your priorities I guess. Always pays to have a little spare. I another solution could be a back up battery system that charges off solar or wind. I my solar one which I run most of my power needs off will last 2 days without a recharge.

    Live in a hurricane to play AC3 early or wait a day in calm weather? Hardest decision ever or what

      Or pick it up at midnight from an EB of your choosing

    Also US site is down. Is it because of hurricane?

    My interest in this game has gone from 0 to DO WANT in like the space of a day.

    I dont think it would do much good when the power goes out...

      yea thats my thoughts also.

      And for anyone who's all "that's why I got a generator." Hey asshole, there's better things to use that on than bloody video games.

    Technically EB Australia sold it early too. I ordered the freedom edition in their last minute sale last week and it came in the mail today. Just a shame I'm stuck in Sydney till next week!

      That would be attributed to the shipping company (Aus Post, I'm guessing?), and not EB. Mailed copies do not count as a street break, and will not cause other stores to start selling early.

    Damn, it's rather humid here today and yet jbhifi weren't selling it!

      Yeah tell me about it, I work for jbhifi and was checking our emails regularly to see if the embargo had never did...
      On the plus side Budokai HD collection arrived and that never had an embargo at all, sweet.

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