Uwe Boll's Latest Trailer Is A Masterclass In Hilarity

Infamous director Uwe Boll, who's remembered around these parts mostly for his terrible video game adaptations, has a new movie out soon, called Zombie Massacre.

Whether it's based on the obscure 1998 Amiga game of the same name nobody seems quite sure, but one thing I am sure of is that this clip is awesomely awful.

See, people always want to hate on the guy, who I'll admit does across as a total dick in interviews, but there's a craft to his movies' suckiness that modern cinema is sorely lacking in. He's like a straight-to-beta director from the 80s caught out of time. And I appreciate that.


    The odd part is Boll has two good movies. Rampage was surprisingly decent and Darfur was actually really good. Not amazingly good but still pretty good for what it was. Then you see stuff like this and think 'No... seriously... wtf?'

      Rampage was ok too shaky cam for me. But he really just like any straight to dvd director now, which makes his movies more unwatchable. I want Alone in the Dark Boll back.

        Nah man there's plenty of dtdvd stuff that's almost better than cinema movies.

        Undisputed 1,2 and 3
        Universal soldier Regeneration and allegedly the new one is supposed to be great, for instance.

        There's a lot of gems.

        But Alone in the Dark Boll??? O_o

        I guess its not his WORST one? That's gotta be Blubberella...

    Who the fuck keeps giving him money!?!

      Uwe Boll or Luke Plunkett?

      Sorry, couldn't resist.

        Looks like Uwe Boll made a plunkett of it again. Yes, it's incredibly hard to resist lol

      Investors + German govt

        Believe it or not, not one single Boll movie has ever flopped. Alone in the Dark took 10 mil at the box office but cost 20 to make, however on DVD it raked it in somehow. All Bolls movies end up making bank on DVD. Low budgets, they sell big numbers (relatively) somehow on DVD... he's a surprisingly profitable director. Notoriety really helps.

    I imagine that this would be ever so slightly bearable if he hired decent actors - but given how badly his films turn out, he couldn't afford them.

    It still wouldn't be good even if he got half-decent actors.

    What's the bet that 95% of the film takes place in that one abandoned factory/air-strip because he couldn't afford any decent shooting locations?

    Uwe Bol isnt directing this movie, only producing it.

      And he didn't write it either!

    Anybody gonna mention that this is not directed by Uwe Boll?

    Looks fun in a grindhousey type of way, but i doubt that style was intentional, more the fact that he just sucks at making movies

    He's only profitable because of crazy German investor laws and tax breaks where investors don't have to pay tax if the movies don't make any money.

    His movies are deliberately bad. Consider that for a moment.

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