Video Ezy Takes 20% Off All Games (Halo 4 And Far Cry 3 Both Under $50)

So the shock here is three-fold. To begin with, I had no idea Video-Ezy still existed. That's the first thing that surprised me. Number two is: I had no idea you could buy games from Video-Ezy, but you can. It has an online store. But the third shock is the prices. I can only assume that Video Ezy is running some sort of parallel imports service, but it's currently taking 20% off all games. An example? You can pre-order a copy of Halo 4 for $46.36 right now!

Usually I would steer clear of those kinds of deals, but Video Ezy is a pretty reputable brand. And the prices are pretty insane at the moment. Darksiders II for $33.56, Sleeping Dogs for $47.96, Far Cry 3 for $47.96. That's just some of the deals available. It's pretty ridiculous.

The short story of this is: wow. Video Ezy is selling games at very low prices. The long story? I had no idea that Video Ezy was selling parallel imports on its online store. This is genuine news to me.

Thanks for the tip Luke!


    Goodbye $190!

    Video stores are actually great places to pick up cut price games. They always sell their old rentals for super cheap, and you can find some rad games in there if no one else has cottoned on yet.

      I was on holidays last week. In a small fishing village picked up 5 gamecube games - $10 each. 10 ps1 games $5 each including both soviet and nuclear strike. Love ex-rental action but the stickers on the discs suck.

        Strangely their ex rental ps3 and 360 games were over $40 each.

    Please note that these are shipping from overseas so expect anywhere up to 10 days after the actual release date before they arrive.

    Meh. Its ozgameshop all over again, the bane of the local game retailer industry.

    Question, if I were to buy one game and in the same order pre-order another, would they come at the same time or separately?

      When I've gone that with OzGameShop they've come as 2 separate deliveries.

      Hey! Hopefully you see this :)

      I ordered 6 games from them, 4 pre-orders and XCOM, Dishonored. At the time of ordering Dishonored was in stock and expected to ship within 24 hours, XCOM said 7-10 days (which I assume means it wasn't it stock).

      Right now my order for the 4 pre-orders say "Waiting for release" while XCOM says "Backorder" and Dishonored is "Despatched". So it seems like they come separately whenever they release :)

    I might be a bit biased because I worked there for just over a year, but Video Ezy can be your best friend sometimes.

    OMG - Cancelling my preorder of Bioshock Infinite on Steam, buying it here, saving $40.
    Also spending another $120 here.
    Can't decide if I win or lose....

      All depends on if you have the patience to wait for your game to arrive while everyone else has been playing them for up to 2 weeks. Personally I have no patience at all and want it now dammit!

    "I had no idea Video-Ezy still existed".... "Video Ezy is a pretty reputable brand"

    Could these statements potentially be contradictory?

      Yeah I guess! But I suppose what I mean is that they were a pretty massive brand when they were around.

      Like I would trust Blockbuster. But they're not around anymore.

        Tell that to the blockbuster in Summer Hill!

          And to Blockbuster in Baulkham Hills.

        Funny - I would not trust Blockbuster. They were such a rip off - $2.99 weeklies! (excludes anything you could possibly want to watch that has been released in the last thirty years).

        Mark are you aware that blockbuster is still very much around in Australia and now owned Video Ezy ;)

        we got a video ezy and block buster in bunaberg

    Just got Hitman/Farcry3/Assasins on PC and Halo4/Forza Horizon on X360. All for $170

    Do you even pc

    I feel a Harvey Norman repeat here where I had to wait weeks for the games I bought.
    Some cheap options there for sure, but I think I'd rather stay loyal to ozgame and zavvi rather than jumping on to an unknown to save a few $$ on games that I will predominately be buying purely because they are on sale.

    Goodbye $100 (Transformers: War for Cybertron, Sleeping Dogs & Dishonored)

    I'll stick with Green Man Games 20% off sale that's been going for weeks. I much prefer digital download to waiting for delivery.

    "Video-Ezy ... preorder ... Halo 4 ..."
    It's like you put together a bunch of random words in a mad way!

    Tbh, I didn't realise they still existed, much less sold new stuff, let alone took preorders...

    Dont bother with this if your on PC, because has super cheap games all the time.

    why are they taking pre-orders for Beyond good and evil 2?

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